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Emily Hirsh Reviews (Micro Offers Are Lame)

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Emily Hirsh says micro offers are getting massive results, but it’s not what you think. This, according to her latest Facebook ad. And if you click and opt-in, you’ll get a free podcast mini-series (not a webinar—thank you Jesus!) that’ll break it all down, step-by-step.

Read on for my Hirsh Marketing review. But first, a case study on digital real estate, featuring my mentor and one of his students.

Emily Hirsh says itsy-bitsy products can recoup your FB ad spend while pumping premium leads through your pipeline—some of whom will go on to purchase your higher-ticket programs. It sounds good on paper, but does it work for the average person? I have my doubts. 

SLO Products Emily Hirsh

After clicking the button and registering, I was redirected to a private page where Emily was waiting with a video message. She tells me I can either skip the content and book a call with her team to see how Hirsh Marketing might be of service; or, I need to check my email for a secret one-time-only link to the podcast series. Eventually the email comes, and here’s what it said:


{Secret Access} Evergreen Podcast Series


Emily Hirsh


Yay, Cory!

You just signed up for our Podcast Series where I share my biggest strategies and secrets for creating a profitable Self Liquidating Offer also known as a micro product or tiny offer!

When we decided to do this series I told my team, “people are selling courses on how to do self-liquidating offer funnels, I am going to give it all away for free.” And that is what I did.

I’m big on not only providing extremely valuable information but also making sure you walk away with a plan you’re ready to implement because implementation and execution is everything.

So, how do you get the most out of this series?

Click here to add the private podcast feed to your podcast player.

This is where each episode will be available.

Make sure you download your workbook to fill out as you follow along with every episode.

Join our Facebook Group where you can ask your burning SLO funnel questions, become a part of an amazing community of entrepreneurs/influencers, and more.

Block off your calendar and actually listen to the content & complete your workbook. To incentivize you even more I said a secret URL at some random point in the series that if you go to you’ll get access to our SLO projection calculator and funnel map!

Just as a reminder, here’s what each episode entails:

Episode 1: Lightning Lead Gen: Turn Icy-cold Leads Into Spicy Hot Buyers

Discover why you need a Self Liquidating Offer and HOW to make it pay for your ad spend and become profitable on its own. Plus, I’ll show you how to work it so you attract higher quality leads who are motivated to SPEND.

Episode 2: Give Them What They Want: Pick an Offer That Sells

How do you pick the right offer for your business? Easy! Just listen to this podcast episode, and I’ll walk through 5 of the best SLO funnel options (and a few of the worst to avoid). And the best part? Most of these funnels can be developed in less than a week!

Episode 3: It’s All About The Benjamins: Monetize Your Ads + Make Bank with your SLO!

Learn how to run ads, keep costs low, clearly lay out next actions, track your success, and tie your SLO offer into your current high-ticket funnel. This day is all about the nitty-gritty, so brace yourself and take notes!

I know that your time is limited and that’s why I’ve made this as easy as possible to listen & consume this content.

And trust me…I give so much value, I know I could charge for this content so stick your airpods in and tune in!

Emily Hirsh

Hirsh Marketing LLC
10415 Morado Cir, Ste 1-310
Austin, TX 78730, United States

Gotta say, after going through everything, I’m conflicted. On one hand, Emily and her Hirsh Marketing team are very good at what they do. Everything is well thought out and prettily packaged.

On the other hand, it’s overwhelming. Too much info, too much text, too many options. Distracting design. Plus, I’m not a fan of her whole micro offer strategy.

I already ranted about this in my Tiny Offer Lab review, so I won’t beat a dead horse here. But basically, unless you’re an advanced marketer like Emily with a team of all-stars that do copywriting, creatives, tech, tracking, support, etc.? How do you expect to pull this off?

It’s a lot of high-level work just to sell some dinky digital self-liquidating thingy for $9. Unless you hire Hirsh Marketing, will it even sell? Doubt it. You’d be better off going straight from paid ad to high-ticket sale.

Put everything you got into one premium-priced offer and go nuts. Leave the laborious, complicated, 739-step upsell funnels to Emily. Or Russell Brunson.

Protect your time, energy, and sanity. Less but better is my motto. Even if you get a micro offer to work, is it worth all the extra stress and struggle? Or would you be better off focusing on converting an extra 5% of sales on your big boy offer? You already know what I think.

Actually, if you’re just trying to make your first $5k or $10k a month, I wouldn’t recommend you sell a big ticket offer either. Something like this is much more doable.

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