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Steve Hofstetter Net Worth And Is Funnel Steve Legit?

Marketing Funnel Academy BBB

Steve Hofstetter net worth: Steve Hofstetter is an internet marketer with an estimated net worth of $500,000. But can you trust him? Read on.

Steve Hofstetter was born and raised in Boise, Idaho, but later moved to Gilbert, Arizona, where he now lives with his wife and three kids.

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In 2014, he launched Marketing Funnel Academy (under Infusionpros, LLC) where he taught other digital marketers and small business owners how to get more traffic, leads and sales online, through a series of low-ticket courses and pricier services.

In 2017, Steve tailored his offer to speak only to coaches, consultants, experts, and marketing agencies, doing away with all offers except one: a completely done-for-you marketing funnel, designed to drum up big ticket buyers.

He’s been promoting this offer ever since. If you’re reading this, chances are you saw one of his Funnel Steve Facebook ads (under a fanpage titled Steve’s Idea), clicked, opted-in, and thought to yourself, “Damn, that was really well done. Perhaps that’s what I need in my business.”

So went you to Google and searched for “Funnel Steve review” or “Funnel Steve cost” or “is Steve Hofstetter legit,” amiright? And now, here you are.

What’s the deal with FunnelSteve?

FunnelSteve Cost Complaints

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what he’s charging these days. But with custom copy that “pops ‘n’ sizzles like hot bacon grease”—as Steve hilariously said in one of his emails—I’m sure it’s not cheap.

As far as reviews? He’s got quite a few on his main pitch page. You could always hit some of those people up and ask to see their funnel or inquire about the return on ad spend they’re seeing with their fancy-schmancy new sales funnel.

But, from an outsider looking in, the team at Marketing Funnel Academy sure seems to know their stuff.

I think, if you’ve got a proven offer you can sell for, say, at least $3k (if not more), it’s probably a pretty safe investment. Assuming you can close, a funnel that spits out qualified, affluent applications should pay for itself rather quickly.

Of course, keep in mind that that space is getting more competitive by the day. Ad costs are only going up. People have more choices.

So you really have to have your conversions dialed-in. If you do? A done-for-you marketing funnel by Steve Hofstetter should only add gas to that fire.

Another thing you can do, on the side of your big ticket offer (or in place of it) is what I did here: master free traffic. Get grade-A leads coming right to you, without paying a penny.

I started off doing this for small businesses in mid-sized cities all over the globe. I’d simply forward them the leads and take a sliver to deliver. It was nice because I didn’t have to answer to anyone and it was fairly passive once I was ranked in Google.

This project—Millyuns—is the next progression of that: just doing it on a bigger, worldwide level.

Care to learn more? Perhaps see some examples you can model yourself? If so, click the link below and pay very close attention.

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