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Wealth Cap Holdings Review (Too Harsh?)

Wealth Cap Holdings Real Estate Company

Wealth Cap Holdings LLC, headquartered in Franklin, TN, is a real estate investment company co-founded by Taylor Welch and Chris Evans—better known for their courses and coaching programs in the online marketing and advertising world, such as Traffic and Funnels, The Sales Mentor, Inbound Closer, and so on and so forth.

But what’s up with Wealth Cap Holdings, right? Are these two trying to copy Grant Cardone? Is it legit? Should you invest with them? I did some digging. But first, assuming you’re interested in real estate and the passive income it can provide, peep this:

Now. Per Taylor Welch, there are two sides to Wealth Cap Holdings, LLC: “The first is promissory lending where you put a certain amount of money into the funds and we wire transfer money to you every month and you just wake up with more money than you had last month. It’s pretty good. The other side of the business is actually buying assets from Wealth Cap.” And the latter seems to be all they care about at this point. But how’d this all come together?

According to Taylor, the project began organically, with he and his partner in crime, Chris Evans, wanting to launch a real estate business so they could put their own money to work. Then, over time, their 10,000+ internet marketing clients began hearing about their new real estate play… and because what they teach works so well (*wink, wink), of course, their clients had all this extra money and didn’t know what to do with it… and so, naturally, they wanted in.

Which is the only reason Wealth Cap Holdings is being offered to the general public… if we’re to believe that story.

Or maybe they just saw what Uncle G was doing, and that dude has big muscles, a hot wife, and owns his own jet… so they said, “F*ck it, let’s do that!” and had no intention of ever keeping it between them.

(And yes, I realize there are differences: Grant’s into apartment complexes and rental income; whereas Taylor and Chris are focused on buying smaller homes at a discount, fixing ’em up, selling ’em for a lot more than what they put in… whatever. I get it. Slightly different real estate play, but same basic thing: “Let’s pitch our big-ass audiences a win-win in real estate investing, but make sure we win the most and can’t lose.”)

Now, that wouldn’t make Taylor and Chris horrible people, but it would mean that wholesome how-we-got-started story was basically bullsh*t.

And, I mean, I don’t wanna be cynical, but Taylor implying, “Dude, of course we’re legit or we wouldn’t be putting our own money in,” doesn’t carry much weight with me. I mean, of course you’re putting your own money in. You know you’ve got 10,000+ high ticket clients whose money you can leverage if sh*t goes south. And because you’ll stack the fine print of their investments in your favor (a fee here, a fee there), I mean, you and Chris can’t lose, can you? No matter what the market does.

Again, not saying any of this is dodgy; just that, in my humble opinion—and lemme tell ya, I don’t know sh*t—but it feels like Taylor’s selling me on how he’s doing you and me a favor here… and maybe he is… but then again, maybe not.

You be the judge. Here’s Taylor Welch with the complete overview:

My questions were: “Okay, you and Chris pick super-duper good markets, got it. But can’t anybody in-the-know pick good markets?”

“And yeah, you say your standards are really high. Can’t anyone set high standards on what they’ll buy, and for how much, and then just stick to ’em?”

“I still don’t get how you can ‘guarantee’ anything. You can’t control the market, right? So like, isn’t there at least a small chance a deal doesn’t hit your goal of 15% cash-on-cash return? Especially in the crazy-ass time we’re living in right now?”

“And aren’t you competing with billion dollar we-buy-ugly houses types of companies who’ve been doing this for longer than your momma’s momma’s been alive? Like, how are you and Chris, who seemingly just started doing this, all of a sudden real estate investing ninjas who can out-return urrbody else?”

“And you say you and Chris do most of these deals yourself, but to ‘get on the waiting list’ just in case. Okay, so should I assume I’ll only get cut in on the sh*tty deals, while y’all keep the best ones for yourself? ‘Cause that’s probably what I’d do. Or is the waiting list just a fake scarcity play? Or am I just looking into this way too much? Which could totally be the case.”

On the flip side, I do realize, maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe Wealth Cap Holdings could save me the time of having to do all the grunt work myself. Perhaps it is an easier way for me to dabble in real estate while limiting my up-front investment and protecting my downside. I could see that too. That’s what’s tough about these business opportunities. We tend to either drink the Kool-Aid or be a complete cynic, and the truth is that there’s no perfect person or business—just pros and cons and a reality that’s probably somewhere smack-dab in the middle of best and worst case.

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