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For The Love Of Busch Light, Be A Human

Can Outside

On the road to millionaire, you’ll need help.  Maybe you’ll need to partner up or barter or borrow money or negotiate or buy ad space or whatever it may be.

But before you receive this help, you’ll have to reach out to a person or 20, won’t you?

And here’s where everyone poops their onesie.  All of a sudden they start talking like a robot.  Like:

Dear Herbie Helper,

To expedite the growth of my real estate business, I am hereby seeking funding from an investment company like The Money Group.

Your continued commitment to the rise of real estate start-ups coupled with your innovative lending program assures me that your company is the ideal investment firm.

With that said, I am quite positive you will find my attached proposal for a 19-room motel in San Diego, California to be an exquisite opportunity which could yield favorable returns for both parties.

Please read it over thoroughly.  After, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with your investment team to discuss this in further detail.


Desperate Danny

Instead?  Umm… anything but that.

Stalk their social media.  Lead with something they just shared.  Film a short video – do your pitch that way.  Make a funny GIF of you waving and stick it in the top of the email.

And… would a contraction kill ya?  My God.

When in doubt, do version one of the outreach.  Pour large glass of wine.  Gulp it down.  Then redo it.  This time… how you’d really say it.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.