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7-Figure Hustle Pro Review (Kris Krohn)

Kris Krohn YouTube

“What the [bleep] happened to 2020?” shouts Kris Krohn in a new YouTube ad. “Guys, it has been a garbage year.”

“Australia was on fire. The stock market plummeted. We tried to impeach our own president. The CIA declassifies footage of UFOs? And let’s not forget this little guy [COVID-19]. He has been disrupting everything. Murder wasps? You cannot make this stuff up,” he continues.

Speaking of side hustles

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“On top of it all? I got hospitalized. But worse, my cousin Gary decided to run for public office. This one takes the cake: 40 million Americans file for unemployment.”

“Right now, you’ve gotta be looking for a solution on how to have more certainty, and it comes in the form of active income.”

“Right now, if you’re not making $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000 a month, on the side, outside your job? You are not secure.”

“My name is Kris Krohn. I train millionaires. You can check out my history. That’s what I do. And I’ve got a special training coming up for you.”

“Click the link below and I’m gonna share, in the next 30 days, exactly what you need to do to produce an active income powerful enough, literally, to replace your job, if that’s what your goal is.”

“Frankly, it’s about being your own boss. It’s amazing. It’s exciting. And you have the opportunity to join us, if you feel worthy to wield the hammer of financial freedom. I’ll see you there,” he says, as the ad closes with a bang.

Kris Krohn calls this today’s most profitable 7-figure side hustle

The 7 Figure Report

What is it? Basically, brokering handyman deals. You’ll run ads for home repair or maintenance services, outsource the work to an actual handyman, pay them a cut, and pocket whatever’s left.

Hmm. I like it, but I don’t love it. For starters, is it just me or does it seem like this is just Kris’s new flavor of the week? Something to cash-in on the Coronavirus with? I mean, the dude’s got a course on everything. Real Estate. YouTube. Mindset. You name it, he can claim it.

To me, that’s a turnoff. I want to work with specialists, not generalists. And someone who’s selling mentoring because that’s what they’ve lived for the last 10 years, not because it became fashionable 10 minutes ago.

Further, while I know it works, what happens when all the good cities are taken? Sure, the first few students might be okay, but after that? It’s gonna get real saturated real quick.

I also think, as opposed to paid ads, you’d be better off learning how to do this with free traffic. Kris talks about the importance of margins. Well, with ad costs constantly going up, that’s gonna take a big bite outta your profit, isn’t it?

Not the case with what I’m doing here. This didn’t cost me a penny. Plus, the leads are bomb. Think about it. You came to me. As opposed to me bugging you on Facebook. Right?

And since Kris Krohn’s Seven Figure Hustle Pro costs $997, I just feel like what my mentor teaches—how to do this for any niche, in any city, in any country, using 100% free traffic from Google—is the smarter, safer play.

You can browse millions of niches to cherry-pick the easiest projects. No need to compete. And now Facebook and Google AdWords can’t nickel and dime you to death either.

Finally, doesn’t it sound like a lot of annoying back-and-forth with the homeowners and handymen to put these deals together? I sure think so.

Wouldn’t you rather not talk to anyone, ever? And just connect businesses and buyers, automatically, using our software? And take a sliver to deliver? (Where you simply get paid a few bucks for every lead you refer?)

Believe me, it’s more enjoyable. More scalable. And I’ll prove it to you. Click below and watch carefully.

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