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Expert Freedom (“Hybrid”) Review By George And Manny


“We’re gonna walk through the hybrid system that consistently fills your calendar with warm high ticket leads that convert to clients in two days or less, without spending all day organically creating content, messaging people, or spending a fortune on unprofitable ads,” says George Tritton-Price, who cofounded Expert Freedom along with Mantas Malisauskas.

Hybrid, as you may have guessed, is a blend of free and paid traffic generation strategies. It produces an “inbound effect” where prospects approach you. Meanwhile, your email list, bot list and Facebook group grows in the background. Or so George says.

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The old way, he explains, is to focus solely on one or the other: only organic or only paid. For example, you do the Gary Vee hustle method: blogs, videos, post to Instagram and Facebook several times a day, etc. This works, but it’s slow and doesn’t scale well.

Or, you go all-in on paid ads. For example, Facebook ad to webinar to call to close. This also works, but because you’re not building relationships along the way, it can get pricey. And, with algorithm changes, acquisition costs can spike without warning.

The new way? Do both. Use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google ads to drive people to your “organic ecosystem.” Use chatbots (or appointment setters) to handle inbound conversations via Messenger. Get warm leads on the phone. Sign ’em up. Repeat. Here’s what it looks like.

Expert Freedom’s Hybrid approach to big ticket sales

Hybrid Paid Organic Traffic

When done right, it’s a more predictable, machine-like way to grow your expert business. In fact, according to George, the Expert Freedom team is currently seeing about a five-to-one return using Hybrid.

Offer sophistication plays an important role as well. This comes down to using the right wording to attract the right people (and repel the wrong people) at the very top of your funnel. For example, if you don’t want beginners coming through your marketing funnel, you should intentionally make ads that talk over their heads. This way, they’ll know, right away, it’s not for them. Boom. Lead quality goes up instantly.

Last, you need the right structure and support systems in place so you can actually enroll more people without a falloff in client satisfaction.

If you want help implementing all of this, they’ve got a “multi-six-figure business accelerator” program called EFA. It’s by application only. You get one-on-one coaching, a pre-built hybrid funnel, automations, back-end systems, and more. They don’t say what it costs, but I’m guessing at least $6k based on the deliverables and hand holding.

I thought George seemed genuine and honest throughout the training. My only knock is that he and his partner, Manny, seem to be just starting out with this offer. Their Facebook fanpage, for instance, only has 227 Likes at the time of writing this. Then again, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it means they’d actually have the time and energy available to help you.

Beyond that, if you’re unsure about the model (of being a high ticket expert), compare it to what we do. You may find our business to be simpler, more practical, more enjoyable, and more stable over the long-term. For more information, click the link below.

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