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Agency Hyper Growth Reviews

Agency Hyper Growth Facebook Ad

Agency Hyper Growth pities the fool that cold calls and emails to get clients. Their new Facebook ad promises a better way to get high-value clients lining up to work with you. I’ll leave my Agency Hyper Growth review below, but first, check this out:

Agency Hyper Growth was created by Sebastian Robeck and Bryan Ostermiller. Apparently they have the same backstory: from college dropout to corporate salesman to digital agency owner.

After scaling their respective agencies to five-figures a month, they teamed up to teach other agency owners what worked for them. Today, they claim to have helped more than 200 digital agencies reach $100,000 per year (or more) in revenue.

Are these two hipsters full of it? I’m dying to find out. So I’m gonna go ahead and click their ad and sign up for their free training and critique their pitch.

Bryan Sebastian Agency Training

After opting-in, I was taken to the video, as promised. Sebastian and Bryan will be revealing the three (not-so-underground-anymore) secrets to scaling your agency to six-figures in just three months or less. And without cold calling, cold emailing, doing free trials, or going to networking events.

Underground Secrets AgencyHyperGrowth

As the video kicks off, Sebastian dives right into the first “secret.” And that is, that your prospects aren’t taking you serious. You look, sound, and sell like every other digital marketer. As a result, nobody cares.

The second “secret” is that you have zero predictability in your income, Sebastian continues. Cold outreaches, going to BNI meetings, etc.—those things work, but they’re slow and unpredictable.

Finally, the third “secret” is that your offer is packaged in a way that attracts low-paying clients. Using jargon like “I do digital marketing” or “I run Facebook ads for small businesses” or “I do lead gen” ultimately ends up repelling people.

After they’re done bashing you for making these three mistakes, Sebastian and Bryan reveal the three things every successful agency has.

First, is an “automated outreach system.” When done right, this gives you “pipeline predictability.” You can expect 7-10 quality prospects booking a discovery call per week. They don’t go into details about how this works, but say it does not involve cold-anything-ing or paid ads.

Second, all successful agency owners have an “authentic enrollment process.” One that takes ice-cold strangers and turns ’em into hot-and-bothered buyers without them even noticing. Not only that, but one that compels them to refer their business buddies over to you as well.

Last, to slap six-figures on the ass with your agency, you’ll need “optimum fulfillment plus scalability.” Basically, you absolutely have to produce above-average results for each client you land. It’s the only way to keep ’em paying you month after month for years to come. You’ll never scale if you’re “churning and burning” clients.

Of course, if you don’t know how to do those three things, Agency Hyper Growth may be the proven roadmap you need. It likely costs $6,000 or more, but you’ll have to schedule an “agency discovery session” to find out.

Should you? Dunno. But I will say, of all the agency course and coaching programs I’ve reviewed, these dudes were far less annoying and slimy than most.

That said, if you watched the video above, perhaps you’d be interested in our “anti-agency model.” It’s like being a real estate investor, only online, and without tenants, toilets, trash, and termites.

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