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Trust Me, It Ain’t Your Image

Wow Shocking Image

I’m not on social media, but I do have business accounts to run ads with.

And so like, when I log in to Facebook… to print money… I get a glimpse of other people’s ads… right?  And every time I do?  A lil’ piece of me dies.

I’ll tell you why.

I see the same guys and gals running the same ads for months, sometimes a year or more.  Which is fine.  As long as an ad’s producing, hey, let it run.

But when it’s not?  And your big idea is: “I know… I’ll go grab the weirdest stock photo I can find – that has nothing to do with the ad, by the way – and I’ll trick these idiots into reading!”

Then, when that doesn’t work?

Ooh, how ’bout this: “I’ll flip my picture upside down!  Genius, right?”

Facepalm: it ain’t the image, brah.

What you’re saying… sucks.

So instead of cute cropping and funky filters and stupid selfies, work on your message.  Is it appealing?  Clear?  Unique?  Easy to read?  Even easier to act on?

Most ads are not.  But for whatever reason, their creators refuse to start over.

Maybe it seems like too much work.  Maybe their ego won’t allow ’em to take the “L” and move on.  Maybe they just aren’t creative enough to come up with a better hook.  Or maybe playing with pics is simply more enjoyable than the alternative.

Either way, know this:

Only when your words wet panties will the image matter much.  Even then, only a percent or two.

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