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Millionaires Use Mentors, But Still Follow Their Gut

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If you can find a good mentor, who cares, who’s willing to guide you?  Yes, use them.  And if they’ve already made millions in a similar business?  Even better.  Even if you have to pay a lot for that relationship.  There’s no better investment.

However.  That doesn’t give you permission to stop thinking for yourself.  Or worse, ignore your gut instincts just because “coach said so.”

Yeah, it’s tempting.  To defer to their judgement.  They’ve been there, done that.  Surely Mr. Mentor knows best, right?

And if you blindly follow his advice and it doesn’t work out?  At least there’s someone to blame besides yourself.  So I get it.  I do.

As a newbie, you want stuff to work and you don’t wanna stress about it.  But remember: as great as they are and as big as their bank account is, they’re not you.  They’ll never care as much as you, or see your vision as clear as you, or think like you think, or operate like you operate.  So…

Unless they’re investing money, you owe it to yourself to own all final decisions.

Because, trust me, when you succeed, you’ll want the blame.

And dude, doing it your way might work better anyways.  You never know.

My first mentor, I’ll never forget, mocked my writing style.  He said I needed to stop swearing and be more professional.  That nobody’d take me serious.

Well guess what?  Here I am.  All these years later.  And literally, my writing is the foundation of my empire.  It’s the thing I get complimented on the most.  And it’s made me multiples what his best month was back when I hired him.

Not to say I didn’t value his input.  I totally did.  I learned a ton from that guy.  I implemented almost everything he suggested.  Just not that.  Why?  Because my gut said otherwise.

So if you find yourself in strong disagreement with Mr. or Mrs. Mentor, regardless of how much you’re paying them to call the shots?  Go with your gut.  You gotta.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.