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Million Dollar Tips From Mike Tyson

in Entertainment

Tyson Memes

“Iron Mike” stopped by the studio today.  Still can’t believe it.  Anyways, I asked him for his best money-making advice for Millyuns readers.  He responded with five hard-hitting tips.

  1. Get off Faithbook.  Quit takin’ thelfies.  And get to work.
  2. You gotta get pith off… and really go for it… I’m theriouth!
  3. Be a thavage.  Activate beeth mode.  Whatever it takth.
  4. If the competition trith to thop you, tell ’em to thuck a bowl of dickth.
  5. Jethus Cwithe, man up.  You could be willy thupid and make millionth.

Okay, so this only happened in my imagination.  But it’s good advice nonetheless.  Maybe it’s the tough love you needed to hear today.

You thilly gooth.

About the author: Cory Johnson likes big boobs, black coffee, witty writing; he’s worth $11 million; shaves his arms; makes six-figures a month talkin’ trash on his MacBook Pro.