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Randy Jackson And Ed Mylett Discuss Success During Social Distancing

Music mogul Randy Jackson joined Ed Mylett to discuss success habits and how the Coronavirus changes things.  Here are the takeaways.

1. The Coronavirus has given us a chance to reset.  It’s time to get back to the basics.  Refocus on what you need, not what you want.  Look inward.  Are you happy?  Healthy?  Friends and family—how are your relationships with them?

2. During quarantine, it’s mind over matter.  Right now, we’ve all got the time, but it’s easy to get lazy.  Try to find a reason that’s so powerful it propels you to act; one that sustains your routine over time (e.g. being there to walk your daughter down the aisle).

3. Take the guesswork outta the work.  Simplicity breeds success.

4. You have to understand what it is you’re after.  Know your exact destination if you want a chance of ever getting there.

5. The greats know how to reinvent themselves over and over.  You must explore and learn every day.  Compassion and humility create the right environment for that to take place.

6. What does the public need?  How can you make a difference?  What can you create that you just go, “Wow, who woulda thought of that?”  Or, how can you take what already exists and put your own twist on it?

7. Remember: many of today’s top companies were started during economic downtimes.  And, on the other side of that, it’s great to be small right now.  You’re nimble.  You can adjust—something big businesses can’t do so easily.

8. During times of uncertainty, people’s minds are more open to innovative ideas.  It’s just that their pocketbooks are a little tighter.  So find new ways to fulfill needs (not wants).

9. Everyone you look up to today, who’s rich and famous, was once a grubby kid just trying to figure it out.  Don’t put success on such a pedestal.  If someone else did it, so can you.

10. Be a sponge.  Get around great people.  Thick skin.  The no’s are what help you.  How else you gonna get better?

11. Look at the industry leaders.  Why do people like ’em so much?  How can you model that, but in your own way?  The path has already been paved.  Identify it.  Then get to walkin’.

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