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Is James LMV Legit?

James LMV Email Page

James LMV scam? Nope. “James LMV” stands for “James Bonadies Local Marketing Vault.” That’s the coaching program he created along with his business partner, Jason McKim. And if you listen carefully to his pitch, there’s a few things that stick out that tell ya they’re legit.

First, he begins with a disclaimer: “What I am showing you doesn’t guarantee you’ll make $10k a month but it will show you it IS possible with some work.” There. Was that so hard? I don’t know why all these slimy gurus are talking about scaling to seven figures, easily, in just two simple steps. Barf. But when I hear “hard work” and “no guarantee” it’s like, okay, maybe this dude’s actually tellin’ the truth.

Second, James tells the story of how he first started making money online. What happened was, he came across a Facebook ad, clicked, opted in, watched a short video, and booked a call with this crazy mofo who, at the time, was on vacation with his family in Hawaii. This call changed James’ life. Weeks later, he was cashing checks doing what this dude had told him to do: which was to bridge customers with local business owners. Now, I happen to know this story is true because the same guy who mentored him mentored me: and here he is on video.

Third, James LMV shows a tax return from 2017, when he was actually walking the walk (running a local marketing agency himself, way before he ever sold the how-to), which proves, at least at that time, that he was doing over $300,000 per year in profit. Again, it’s just refreshing to see a story backed up with hard numbers that came from actually practicing what they’re preaching; and that they’ve been doing it for a while.

Now, does that mean the James LMV cost is worth the high price tag? Maybe. I can’t answer that for you. Personally, we prefer free traffic. That’s how you got here. It cost me zero and you’re probably a much higher quality lead than I could ever get by bothering people on YouTube, Google and Facebook, via paid ads. Here’s more:

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