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Jase Stevens Net Worth

Jase Stevens Bio

Jase Stevens didn’t start lifting weights until he was twenty-one. After playing a variety of sports throughout high school, he felt it was time to improve his physique. He headed to the local rec center and began his journey. A year later he had transferred to a hardcore gym. There, the bigger guys and pro bodybuilders lit a fire inside him. He wanted what they had.

When Jase wasn’t training, he was studying. He wanted to know everything there was to know about transforming the human body. Soon the stage was calling his name. Ready to start competing but low on money, he took a job with the Canadian National Railway. He worked as a signals and communications tech. Problem was, he had to travel constantly. In and out of hotels. Waking up in random cities. It wasn’t easy.

“I would bring cooking supplies with me wherever we were, which included hot plates, portable BBQs, and Tupperware,” Jase recalls. “I would either buy food, put it in a cooler and bring it to the city we were working in that week, or go shopping after work at the local grocery store.”


Jase Stevens created Man University but had to close the doors because no one met the admission requirements.

“Once I had my food, I would meal prep all my food for the week in my hotel room using the microwave and hotplate/portable BBQ. Every week I would have to pack up my life, drive to a new city, unpack, find local gyms, meal prep, and train—all on top of working 10- to 16-hour shifts, days and nights!”

This lasted four grueling years. And yet, during that time, Jase managed to get into the best shape of his life. His tipping point came in 2013 when he took second in the WBFF Montreal Pro. Against all odds, he had arrived. From there came more top-five finishes, sponsorships, fitness modeling, physique coaching, and more.

More recently, Jase cofounded Man The F Up alongside his business partner and fellow fitness model, Amer Kamra. The Toronto-based business offers online coaching and a support community for men who want that superhero physique plus the confidence and respect that comes with it. It took them less than a year to cross the six figure per month mark. Jase Stevens has a net worth of $2.5 million dollars.

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