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Jason LMV Reviews: Should You Take The Training?

JasonLMV Google Ad

Is Jason LMV legit? Let’s find out.

Jason LMV ads are stalking me everywhere I go online. Apparently, Jason McKim wants me to attend a “free” webclass where he’ll teach me how to get paid to help small businesses advertise online. After ignoring these banner ads for months, I finally got curious. Before I pull back the curtain on JasonLMV, however, here’s somethin’ that might give your brain a boner:

Onward. So, when I click on any one of Jason LMV’s ads, be it the one above or this one:

Jason LMV Free On Demand Training

Another version of JasonLMV.com ad.

… I get taken to a cool-looking squeeze page with a solid “hook” about this “easy Netflix trick” he’s using to sell simple, high-dollar, digital marketing services to local biz owners.


The squeeze page for Jason LMV ad campaign.

After submitting my email address, I received the following email from Jason:


Here’s the free business training video you requested




Hey Jason here!

Here is the instant access link to the Free business training you requested:

Watch the Training Now

Inside I’ll share my easy Netflix ‘trick’ I use to get local small businesses to pay me for simple to provide, high value services.

I’ll show you step by step how my business partner James and I built a ridiculously profitable business doing this and how you can do the same!

Don’t waste another second…this opportunity is life-changing!

Check out the short video here:

Watch the Training Right Now

See you inside!



Visibility Cloud, LLC
189 Berdan Ave Suite 211
Wayne, New Jersey 07470

When I click the link, I get taken to, come to find out, the same pitch their James LMV funnel uses, only instead of James Bonadies going over the slides, it’s Jason this time. Hey, at least their URLs make sense. They’re probably testing to see which of their styles converts best.

Local Marketing Vault Jason Pitch

The pitch page for Jason LMV which promotes Jason and James’ Local Marketing Vault coaching program.

In terms of the meat ‘n’ taters of the video, Jason positions LMV as the antidote for the poisonous internet marketing environment. According to him, the only three things you need to start, run and grow a successful business from anywhere, no matter how much time, money or experience you have, are the following:

  1. Find a business that is already raising their hand and asking for help.
  2. Offer them a no-brainer, simple-to-provide service they need and want.
  3. Keep them willingly and excitingly paying you month after month so you can stack your monthly revenue.

And mastering those three things have allowed him and James to make bank, travel, and even win awards for their handiwork.

James Jason Two Comma Club Award

Jason McKim and James Bonadies speaking on stages and collecting Two Comma Club plaques.

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And, of course, pass that knowledge on to their thousands of LMV students, many of whom have left glowing reviews below Jason’s free training.

Reviews Screenshot 1

Those who’ve already joined… review Local Marketing Vault.

Reviews Screenshot 2

And more LMV reviews…

Reviews Screenshot 3

And more LMV reviews…

And there’s even more below all of those. Which, don’t get me wrong, are a good sign. However, I don’t personally put much weight into these video testimonials (or screenshots from a private Facebook group, for that matter), ’cause there’s usually a reason they all follow the same format. Maybe there was a bribe: “Hey, go film us a positive review following this outline, and we’ll hook you up with our next course for free,” for example.

That doesn’t mean those people aren’t telling the truth, but keep in mind, they may have been incentivized to hop on camera and hype up LMV a bit. This practice is pretty much standard practice in the how-to-sell-your-coaching-program space. Which is why I don’t do it. I just show you the steps without the fluff. That said, I don’t see any reason to question the legitimacy of Local Marketing Vault. Jason and James seem like good dudes who walk the walk. So with that, I’m out.

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