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JBW Business Coaching Review (Pyramid Scheme?)

JBW Marketing Blueprint

Have you guys seen this suspect ad by JBW Marketing Blueprint? Where a bunch of random people are opening up UPS and FedEx envelopes and pulling out checks for $3,500, $7,000, $12,800, all the way up to $21,000? “This business is crazy I tell ya. This is the most powerful direct sales automated system on the planet!” says a voice in the background.

“It’s absolutely amazing. You really need to be part of this, because it’s almost like a passive income stream,” someone else says, as more checks flash across the screen. “When someone looks at this thing and says, ‘Man, if this thing works, how can I not do it?'” another guy says, as the YouTube ad comes to an end and they ask you to click the link to get started.

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When you go through the funnel, you get introduced to a character who claims all you have to do is join and pay for ads. That’s it. Then checks come in the mail. He never even says what you’re selling. (Or what his team will be selling on your behalf.) Something about training in the e-business space.

Ummm. When all you talk about is the comp plan, and the product is irrelevant, isn’t that basically a pyramid scheme? Ask Advocare. And they actually pumped up their products quite a bit. No wonder they’re positioning this as a “high ticket affiliate program” instead of calling it what it is: a slimy MLM biz opp.

Wait, what’s that? You say they have members spending thousands of dollars a month on ads, and they’re making back hundreds of thousands of dollars a month? Yeah, maybe the handful of guys sitting atop the triangle, peering down at all the suckers who are building out the base.

Use your brains, people. Why would JBW Business Coaching need your money if they already have everything figured out? Because they wanna pass the risk on to you. No guarantee the ads will continue to produce a return. But if they charge you a small fortune, it’s like playing with the house’s money.

What I think about is Mary, from Milwaukee, who cashes out half of her 401(k) to join this thing at the highest level. Then throws down another five grand on ads. She’s twenty-seven grand in the hole. Big whoop if she gets a check for three K in the mail. She’s still buried in debt.

Meanwhile, the one-half of one percent who got in at the ground floor? They’re off on a beach somewhere sipping Miami Vices with thick pineapple wedges and rum floaters, plotting their next money grab. Sad thing is, JBW Business Coaching will continue to sell because people are gullible and desperate and because it’s not big enough to appear on the FTC’s radar. Yet.

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