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Jessica Higdon Net Worth

Jess Higdon Network Marketing

Jessica Higdon net worth: Jessica Higdon is a direct sales professional with an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars.

Jessica is the wife of Ray Higdon.  Together, they help network marketers grow their business from home.  Jessica’s specialty is social media.  She teaches simple systems that time-strapped multilevel marketers can leverage for more gain and less grind.

Not that they’re preaching get rich quick.  Far from it, in fact.

The Higdons are two of the hardest-working, most consistent, most likeable public figures in the network marketing space.  They’ve got millions of faithful followers and one of the fastest growing online education companies in the United States.

Jessica tailors her training to the new school networker – he or she who is driven, hungry, passionate, and unwilling to waste time on cynics, skeptics, and Debbie Downers.

She believes in being a role model for everyone in the industry; in raising the vibration of the profession as a whole; in giving to get; in always putting relationships first; and waging war against lazy recruiting tactics, lame social media strategies, hype, spam, gossip, company-bashing, and leaving your downline high and dry.

If you’re determined to become a top earner with your company and you’d prefer to get there using a modern approach, Jessica Higdon is someone you can learn a lot from.

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