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Joshua T Osborne Reviews Life-Altering Advice

Joshua T Osborne Net Worth

BAM badass, Joshua Osborne, claims there’s one thing he did that changed his life forever. Before I reveal what it is, watch Josh’s mentor discuss the very “Simple Asset Biz” he taught Josh a few years back… with another one of his now more than 6,000+ students:

Okay, so what was Joshua Osborne’s big breakthrough? Simple, he had to “get the losers out of his life,” he said bluntly, in a short YouTube video.

“One of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learned in this life is: we are who we surround ourselves with. We become the top five people we hang out with on a day-to-day basis,” he adds, before dropping an ever bigger cliché: “We will grow through whatever we go through.”

So figure out who’s positive in our life, and who’s negative, and understand that, family or longtime friend or not, the negative people gotta go. You deserve to be around only those who are gonna lift you up and push you to become a better person. So make a list, axe the losers and double-down on the winners. Cold-hearted, but true. You’ve heard it a millionty times before, sure, but have you done it? If not, some Spring cleaning is in order.

But yeah, to drive it home, I’m gonna let Joshua Osborne review it with ya:

Cory Johnson: CEO of a business he has yet to launch. As seen on your mom’s phone. Scaled to 7-figures in seven seconds selling a course on selling courses. Kidding. Watch this.