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Keala Kanae Net Worth

Affiliate Marketing Keala

Keala Kanae net worth: Keala Kanae is an internet marketer with a net worth of approximately $3 million dollars.

You probably know him from his hypnotic YouTube ad (“Hey, what’s up my friend, Keala Kanae here…”), where he steps out the whip, struts into his crib, takes you into his home office, then flips over to his computer screen to talk turkey and ultimately try to sell you on an entry-level AWOL course.

(Wow.  That was a mouthful.)

But anyways, how’d homie get to that point – where he was showin’ up at the beginning of every video you were trying to watch, like a Hawaiian Tai Lopez?

I did some digging.  And by digging I mean I did a Google search, found his website, and now I’ll summarize his About page for ya.

Here goes:

K-squared cut his teeth in business as an 18 year-old nightclub promoter.  With a fake ID, contracts he found online, and some good old-fashioned door knocking, he eventually landed a deal with one of Hawaii’s hottest joints.  That led to hosting concerts and celeb-studded after parties, where, to succeed, Kanae was forced to learn marketing, advertising, and sales.

He’d use those skills to flip cars throughout college at the University of Hawaii, where he graduated in ’06 with a degree in psychology.

Next, Keala became a loan officer.  And, all was fine and dandy till ’08, when the economy basically told urrbody to dere-lick its balls.

After that, in ’09, Kanae sold life insurance.  He quickly became a top producer and was promoted to management.

But it wasn’t quite scratching his entrepreneurial itch.  So, in 2010, he promoted a big ticket how-to-get-rich-investing-in-real-estate thingy, which – surprise, surprise – he excelled at as well.  On company calls, they were all: “Jesus, Keala Kanae, whaddya, eat glitter and shine all day?”  His secret?  A little thing called the internet, which was still relatively new at the time.  Anyhow.

That company eventually went belly up, but Kanae kept his momentum going with public speaking and training – sharing the very internet marketing lessons he’d learned along the way.

Sprinkle in some affiliate marketing success – using paid ads to drive traffic – and, in 2015, Keala teamed up with a guy named Kameron George to create AWOL Academy… a project made to give info marketing a makeover with high quality education and support aimed at other digital entrepreneurs who wanna do damage online.

In recent months, I’ve heard chatter his partner’s planning on leaving, so we’ll see where it goes from here.

But nonetheless, Kanae’s made millions so far with AWOL, which has products and experiences ranging from a few bucks on up to nearly 10 Gs.  Also, they encourage members to become affiliates and earn a commission for referring others into AWOL.  Borderline-network marketing I suppose.  But whatever.  It’s effective.

So that’s that – how Keala Kanae became an internet multi-millionaire.  Yep yep.

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