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Kanye West Net Worth

Net Worth This Year Kanye West

Kanye West net worth: Kanye Omari West is a rapper and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $2.25 billion dollars.  How many of the following facts about Yeezy did you know?

Kanye West Purple Hair

1. Kanye is Swahili for “the only one,” which explains a lot.

How Rich Kanye West Is

2. Ye once Tweeted that McDonald’s was his favorite restaurant.  Burger King clapped back, replying “Explains a lot.”  Everyone was confused.  Turns out, Kanye owns 10 Burger King franchises across Europe.  He bought them as a wedding gift for Kim Kardashian when they got married.

Kanye Tank Pose

3. Speaking of fast food, Kanye is known for letting delivery guys listen to new music he’s working on—to get their feedback—when they drop off his grub.

Get Out Kanye Way

4. At 10, Kanye lived in China for a year.  His mom, an English professor, was teaching at Nanjing University as part of their exchange program.

Kanye Boss Brown Jacket

5. In 2002, Kanye almost died in a car crash.  After having reconstructive surgery on his shattered jaw, he wrote and recorded “Through the Wire” while his jaw was literally wired shut.  He said the creative process was his medicine, distracting him from the pain.

Kanye West Desert

6. He’s a perfectionist.  For example, he mixed his number-one hit “Stronger” 50+ times and used eight different audio engineers before signing off on it.

Kanye West Yellow Hoodie

7. The first real money Kanye made in music was when he sold a beat to another rapper in Chicago—for eight grand.  Ye immediately blew the money on Polo shirts and a Jesus piece.

Kanye Black Background

8. When Forbes initially refused to call Kanye a billionaire, he half-jokingly said he was going to change his name to “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West.”  Now that Forbes changed their tune, I’m guessing that won’t be necessary.

Kanye West Shades

9. Before music took off, Kanye considered becoming a porn star to make ends meet.  Romantically, before Kim, he was engaged to fashion designer Alexis Phifer before calling it off.  He then had a fling with fashion model Sessilee Lopez.  Next, voluptuous vixen Amber Rose, who was his date at the VMAs when he famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech.  After that, Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks.  Then Melody Thornton from the Pussycat Dolls.  Then Chanel Iman, another Victoria’s Secret model.  Then French model Virginie Maury.  And then Kim Kardashian.  Who he now has four kids with: Saint, Psalm, North and Chicago West.

Kanye West Kneels

10. Google “gay fish.”  (It’s okay, I’ll wait.)  See how Kanye’s bio popped up?  That’s because of a South Park episode called “Fishsticks.”  Long story short: a joke gets told and Kanye is the only person in the country who doesn’t get it, but, because he believes he’s a genius, he won’t admit it.

Kanye West Pours Heart Out

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