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Karla Dennis Net Worth And Reviews

The Tax Reduction Company

“Can you believe that Amazon made billions of dollars and only pays zero in taxes?” whispers Karla Dennis in her latest YouTube ad.

“Isn’t that incredible? That’s absolutely crazy. The rich keep getting richer and taxpayers like you keep paying all the taxes,” she continues.

“It is so frustrating. You talk to your tax people, and your tax people won’t even tell you the answers because you don’t even believe they even know the answers.”

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“How are you supposed to keep cash in your pocket if you have to pay all your money in taxes? And I know you might be thinking, ‘You know what Karla, I’m not a big business owner; I don’t have extra money to pay.’ I know you don’t,” she says.

“That’s why I wanna teach you on my free training. I am Karla Dennis. I hold a masters in taxation. And I need to make sure that you are taught three things.”

“Number one: you need to know this little tax code secret that the wealthy know. You need to know how the system works so you can work the system legally. You need to know what you need to know so that you no longer have to fear IRS and you don’t have to worry about an audit.”

“There are typically two types of taxpayers: ultra-conservative and ultra-aggressive. The ultra-conservative taxpayers, they have few receipts, they only wanna take a few items as a write-off. The ultra-aggressive taxpayer, they write off everything and the kitchen sink.”

“But what type of taxpayer should you be? You should be the type of taxpayer that understands the tax code so you can legally work the system like the top 1%; like all these big businesses do, so you can keep more cash in your pocket.”

“That’s why I want you to join me on my free training: How To Write Off Almost Anything. Click on the link below and join me on this webinar. So you can help you and your family build wealth. I can’t wait to see you on the other side.”

Her YouTube ad ended there. Curious, I went to Google to see if this chick was legit. What are her clients saying about her? How much is she worth? Should I hire her? Let’s find out.

Karla Dennis reviews

Karla Dennis Complaints

“I’ve received so much help from the tax strategists from Karla Dennis and associates,” wrote one Yelp reviewer. “It’s been amazing working with [her] and I’ve received the best customer experience I’ve ever had with a tax firm.”

“They made doing taxes virtually easy as pie. Not only have they helped me save money in taxes but they have taught me the strategies I need to do it for myself moving forward,” they continued.

“I received all the guidance in the world and found everything enjoyable. [I would] 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy, skilled, and reliable tax advisor [or] accountant,” they said.

Other reviews weren’t as positive. “Would not recommend services here,” wrote one man who apparently discovered Karla Dennis via Dave Ramsey.

“[I was] passed around like a beach ball. I had to keep calling the office multiple times to get updates on the status of my file. I was put on hold for excessively long wait times—10+ minutes just to get an update! One girl came to the phone asking how I would take care of the remainder of the bill when I hadn’t even received information on my file!” they ranted.

“I’m a 1099 and wasted multiple weeks. Very unprofessional. I felt there was a lack of communication within the office. I was able to get my file back and went to a different tax firm,” they explained.

How rich is Karla Dennis?

Income Karla Dennis Tax Specialist

As an Enrolled Agent, Karla has built up an impressive accounting firm which now has more than 20 employees. She serves clients in all 50 states. She has written two books: Tax Storm and Against the Odds. And of course, Karla is now figuring out how to scale her business online. Hence the YouTube ad I saw.

All things considered, we estimate the Queen of Write-Offs has a net worth of approximately $7 million dollars. I might be giving her a call in the near future.

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