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Katrina Ruth Net Worth

The Katrina Ruth Show

Katrina Ruth net worth: Katrina Ruth (formerly known as Kat Loterzo) is an online marketer with an estimated net worth of $7 million dollars.

The Gold Coast girl started out in fitness, building a 7-figure internet business by breaking all the rules and telling so-called best practices to go pound sand.

Katrina then pivoted, probably in hot pink stilettos, to what she does now: which is coaching other crazies on magnetism, marketing, money, and more.  She tells it like it is and believes her clients should too.  No, really.  Not in the way you hear other gurus reminding you to “be transparent.”  She takes it one level beyond a whole new level.  The picture above is just one example.  Not your typical head shot, huh?  Anyhow.

Beyond the obvious no-f*cks-given attitude, what stood out about Katrina Ruth, to me, was how much f*cking content she puts out each day.  She’s gotta be up there with Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk.  It’s impressive.  Flowy AF.

And that’s just her organic content: blog posts, Facebook updates, live streams, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, etc.

Then there’s her money-makers – which she certainly shakes: Ruth rolls out books, products, programs, and mentoring like she’s taking out the trash.  And when she launches, I mean, she launches.  All-in.  Unapologetically asking you to buy all day urrday till the cart closes.  With such frequency and tenacity, it makes sense she pulls in a solid six-figures a month.

Katrina Ruth does sh*t her way.  She’s polarizing.  Proficient.  She shows up.  She calls out her dream clients, and they come running, credit cards in hand.  She speaks and journals success into existence.

She’s figured out how to make millions of dollars online, all by being herdamnself.  (Respect.)

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