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Lil Keed Net Worth

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Lil Keed net worth: Raqhid Jevon Render, who goes by Lil Keed, is a rapper with a net worth of $1 million dollars.  Here are 10 things you should know about him.

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1. Lil Keed’s birthday is March 16, 1998.  He grew up in the ATL.  His parents split when he was young, but both were actively involved in raising him.  He has six brothers and one sister.  One of his brothers, Lil Gotit, is also a rapper.

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2. As a teen, Lil Keed worked at Subway and McDonald’s.  He and his brother, Semaja (now Lil Gotit), had started rapping for fun.  But after losing a close friend in 2016, Lil Keed got serious about his craft.  Luckily, there was a studio close to where he lived.  And every day, for a year, he would walk there to record new music.  By 2017, his songs were gaining traction—both online and locally.

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3. Lil Keed grew up on the same block as Young Thug, who is six years older than him.  Funny enough, Thugger ended up signing Lil Keed to his label, YSL Records.  Lil Keed’s style is often compared to Young Thug’s.  And, get this: the first time Lil Keed flew anywhere was in a private jet with Young Thug.

Lil Keed Lyrics

4. Lil Keed is known for his relentless work ethic.  Since the studio is his second home, he’s very particular about what he brings with him: “Hennessy, candy—I like Lifesavers, the purple bag.  I like Hot Flaming Cheddar Ruffles, and a white Kit Kat,” he said.  Oh, and last but not least, “My engineer, Doug,” he added.

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5. Lil Keed used to write down his lyrics, but these days, he just freestyles from the heart.  He says he learned how to “construct a hit” by studying Future and fellow YSL rapper, Gunna.  Lil Keed believes his quick, casual approach to making new music gives him an unfair advantage.  While some rappers take months to come up with a banger, he can do it in mere minutes.

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6. Not wanting to sound the same in every song, Lil Keed would experiment while recording, trying to do different things with his voice.  He’s come a long way: “I can sing.  I can do straight rap.  I do melodies.  I do rockstar sh*t.  It’s real genuine,” he boasts.

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7. Lil Keed keeps it real with his fans.  He’ll hop on Instagram Live for an hour straight, interacting with ’em, telling jokes, giving them a glimpse of his everyday life.  “Most rappers don’t do that.  I show them me, my personality.  The side they want to really see.  Folks be scared, they want us to show the superstar status all the time.  I don’t have to do all that sh*t,” he explained.

Lil Keed Flannel

8. Not only that, but Lil Keed will go out in public, jewelry and all, without any security.  He minds his business and if fans recognize him, he’s happy to talk to ’em and pose for pictures.  I’m guessing that’ll change as he gets bigger.  But still.  Cool to see.

Lil Keed Rainbow Dance

9. Lil Keed has a daughter named Naychur.  His baby mama has accused him of dating actress Skai Jackson when Skai was still a minor.  Lil Keed denied the allegation.

Lil Keed Dirty Couch

10. When asked where he sees himself five years from now, Lil Keed replied: “In five or six years, I’m going to be in movies.  I don’t want to keep rapping all my life.  I ain’t doing that, hell nah!  I’m going movie—movie Keed.  Come on man, I’ll go the Ice Cube way.  I’m going to take acting classes, that would be fun.  I want to do a shooting movie, an action movie!  One of them movies, fighting sh*t, that sh*t’s crazy.”

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