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Baby Keem Net Worth

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Baby Keem net worth: Hykeem Jamaal Carter, Jr., better known as Baby Keem, is a rapper with a net worth of $1 million dollars. Read on for 10 Baby Keem bullet points.

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1. Baby Keem’s birthday is October 22, 2000. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. His grandmother, who raised him, bought him his first mic at eight years old. Baby Keem moved to Los Angeles, California as a teenager, because Sin City was too dry, too small, and had no music scene.

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2. Baby Keem has been into music for as long as he can remember. At an early age, he began writing lyrics to YouTube beats. He didn’t record any songs or even tell anyone he was doing it, because he thought you had to have a deep voice to rap. When his voice finally changed, at 15, that’s when he “officially” began rapping.

Baby Keem Bedroom

3. Growing up, Baby Keem loved basketball. His favorite artists were Kid Cudi and Kanye West. He was later inspired by Lil Wayne and Young Thug. He recorded his first song as a freshman in high school. It came as a shock to his friends, who had no idea he had a passion to pursue music.

Baby Keem Album

4. Baby Keem has no desire to become the best lyricist; he’d rather be the king of flows. Even though he’s still young, he says he’s come a long way from the “bedroom music” he used to make. Today, he’s much more confident on the mic, thanks to all the practice he’s been putting in.

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5. In fact, Baby Keem claims he does a song a day. Top to bottom. Even if the beat is blah or the song is trash, he’ll finish it, all the way through. The reason is simple. With consistency comes legitimacy. Now, Baby Keem believes he not only belongs in the studio, but that he can hold his own with the biggest names in the industry.

Baby Keem Interview

6. Early on, Baby Keem decided not to show his face. “I was a little kid, you know? Simple like that. I know as a little kid, you change a lot. You wear certain stuff at 15, you’ll never wear again. I didn’t want to come out until it was the right time,” he told Complex. Two years later, more mature and making “lit music,” he decided it was time.

Baby Keem Lyrics

7. Hykeem Carter and Baby Keem are two different people. “Baby Keem is fun, crazy, go to the club, turn up. Hykeem, I like my personal space. I value it a lot. I’m very sheltered. I don’t leave the house. When I do, I’m Baby Keem. Right now [being interviewed by Complex] I got to be Baby Keem. But I value my personal space a lot, so it’s cool separating the two,” he explains.

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8. Baby Keem got a big boost from Kendall Jenner and Tyler, the Creator, who shared some of his earlier songs on their social media accounts. He has no idea how they discovered him, but he’s grateful for their shoutouts. He is also collaborating with his cousin, Kendrick Lamar, on a project called pgLang, which will be a record label, movie studio and publishing house, all-in-one.

Baby Keem Kendrick Lamar

9. What does the future hold for Baby Keem? He plans on having a nice, 20-year career, then dipping out when he’s 35. He’s not sure what’ll be next after that, but probably something still related to music—just more behind-the-scenes.

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10. Baby Keem’s favorite food is a hilariously-specific order from Raising Cane’s: “You got to get your chicken on eight minute burn. Otherwise, I won’t eat it. It’s not good. Then you got to get butter on both sides of the toast, and you can’t get coleslaw. You got to replace the coleslaw with an extra toast. So you get two toasts, and you put butter on both sides of the toast, and then you get hot sauce. That’s the key part there. They can do all of that but if they don’t have hot sauce, which they don’t sometimes, it’s all ruined and I won’t eat it. That’s the key. Then you put hot sauce on the fries, hot sauce on everything, and then it’s the best chicken ever. It’s better than Chick-fil-A. Better than everything. You got to do all that stuff to it, though.”

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