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Keenan Williams Net Worth: Forbes Millionaire Or Hype Man?

Out The Mudprenuer

Damn. Keenan Williams copped the cream cheese Rolls with metallic rose gold accents.

Keenan Williams’ mom had a drug problem and had to give him up for adoption after he was born. He didn’t find this out till he was 17. At age five, he and his new family moved to Alabama. His parents did their best, but money was tight.

As a youngster, Keenan wanted to do it all: rap, play ball, anything he could do to earn money and help his family out. He always promised his mom he would buy her a house one day.

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In middle school, Keenan had a candy hustle. After that, a shoe hustle where he’d draw custom artwork on other kids’ kicks. He always wanted to have money in his pocket and to look fresh.

Those hustles slowed down in high school though, when Keenan found out he was adopted. As you can imagine, he was mad at the world and started getting into trouble. He dropped out of school. Caught a felony. On top of that, he and an ex-girlfriend had a baby girl together. All this before his 18th birthday.

Keenan decided to move away from small-town, Alabama and get his act together for his daughter. He ended up in Florida, and got a job at Walmart. For the next few years, it was just survival mode. Trying to put food on the table for his baby girl.

At age 23, while out at a club with his cousin, he meets his future wife, Olivia. He credits her with his turnaround. She was ambitious, had clearly-defined goals; and Keenan knew he had nothing to offer her. So he had to change.

Around that time, he had a job selling shoes at Skechers. He was at work one day when his sister called him and told him his mom had had a stroke. Keenan told his manager and asked to leave early so he could go be with her, and his manager said, “No, it’s Saturday. Go back out there and sell some shoes.” So he quit, and never looked back.

This was around 2015. The early days of Instagram. Keenan and Olivia got on there and grew one account to around 100,000 followers. They began monetizing that following by posting ads for big brands. Then Keenan discovered he could make more through affiliate marketing. He tried out a few different niches before hitting the jackpot: skincare.

@papichulo_dreaded Instagram

Un-huh, un-huh, un-huh, just throw it in the bag.

He teamed up with a company and soon he was doing $40k per month—just by posting his affiliate links to their products in his Instagram posts. Money was flowing, and they’d had a few run-ins where they were living (for example, one night, some dudes tried to rob Keenan at gunpoint), so they decided to build a new home in a nicer neighborhood.

Of course, the minute they broke ground, the company Keenan was promoting stopped paying him. Three months went by. No commissions were sent. So Keenan said, “Alright, cool. I’ll start my own skincare company then.” KO Elixir was born. (As in Keenan and Olivia.) There was a hiccup with his old affiliate company, but after that, they were all-in on KO. Soon, their cellulite, stretch mark, and butt enhancement creams were selling out.

They scaled to $1 million dollars in six months. Then $1 million per month. Now Keenan and Olivia are building out their Skip To 7-Figures program—where, for $40 a month, you can access their business classes and mentorship.

Now look. It’s a heart-warming rags-to-riches story, and I don’t want to come across as a hater, but after looking at their website and seeing that they’ve got an F rating with 153 complaints on the Better Business Bureau, it’s a little hard for me to believe KO Elixir’s an eight-figure brand.

Also, I couldn’t find the Forbes article he was supposedly featured in. I did find some other articles that he clearly paid for, because they were posted on the same sites as other gurus who I’ve already written about who did the whole “fake it till ya make it” thing. So yeah. That’s a little suspicious as well.

But seriously, go to KOElixir.com. Does that look like a store that’s doing more than $1 million a month in sales? In my opinion, no. There’s no way. For that reason, I can’t even put down a net worth for Keenan Williams. It just feels like he’s exaggerating these numbers, does it not? (And I really hate ending it like this because him and his wife seem like cool-ass people. But I dunno man. Something feels off here.)

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