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Zack Kepes Flip Foundation Review

Zack Kepes Facebook Ad

Zachary Kepes can show you how to get 200+ properties cash flowing every single month without using a property management company. This, according to his latest FB ad. I’ll review his Flip Foundation offer below, but first, check out what we’re doing with DIGITAL real estate:

Onward. Zack Kepes is an entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. He is the founder and president of Zak Ventures LLC, where he makes use of more than 10+ years of real estate agent and banking relationships to purchase distressed properties at discount prices, which he then fixes and flips or rents out—per his LinkedIn profile.

After clicking on his ad, I was taken to his squeeze page:

Flip Foundation Top Investor

I entered my email, and immediately received the following message in my inbox:


Rental Portfolio Case Study Enclosed




Hey friend! Zack here. As promised, here’s the case study you asked for:


It will show you exactly how I made the transition from owning zero properties to collecting a monthly check on 200+ rentals (without ever using a property management company).

I made this case study specifically to help people, I hope it helps you.

Talk soon,

Zack Kepes

Flip Foundation
350 W Washington St Suite 225
Tempe, Arizona 85281, United States

After clicking on the “case study link,” I landed here:

Properties Cash Flowing Every Month Zachary Kepes

In watching the case study, the first thing that jumped out was that this guy walks the walk. It’s not like he did his first two flips, took a picture of the checks, and dove straight into education… where he now makes all of his money. Nope, he’s in the trenches every day doing this stuff himself and he’s got the pics and docs to prove it.

FlipFoundation Zack Projects

As of today, he’s still doing eight to ten flips a month. Zack’s philosophy is: spend money to make money. Stitches over Band-Aids. He’ll spend what he has to, to create a great product with no underlying issues.

In return, he gets quality tenants who respect his properties and are willing to pay more in rent. This approach has allowed him to scale to over 200+ homes (producing positive cash flow each month) without forking over a big chunk of that to management companies. Sure, he has to field some phone calls here and there, but because of his unique approach, he has surprisingly few issues to deal with.

Here are the core beliefs of the Flip Foundation methodology:

Flip Foundation Core Beliefs

If you apply for Zack Kepes’ mentorship, here’s the rundown:

The Flip Foundation is a six week course on fix ‘n’ flipping and building a rental property portfolio. Each week of the course is dedicated to a vital part of creating your business. The modules are built for both newbies and seasoned vets to get a complete understanding of Zachary’s investing tactics.

My two pennies? He’s about as legit as they come. Even though I’m only into virtual real estate, I share a lot of the same philosophies: trimming the fat, seeing competitors as potential collaborators, building great relationships, not spending anything on marketing and advertising (I used to, big time!), thinking long-term, rolling up my sleeves and doing the work day in and day out, always adapting, etc.

So yeah. Two thumbs up for Zack Kepes and his Flip Foundation program.

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