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Frank Kern Net Worth

How Much Is Frank Kern Worth

Frank Kern net worth: Frank Kern is an internet marketer and copywriter with an estimated net worth of $33 million dollars.

Kern got started online in 1999.  At the time, he was selling credit card machines door-to-door.  After buying a $275 course on internet marketing, he learned how to make money sending out mass email promotions.

This led to a discovery of both direct response advertising and copywriting, which Kern studied obsessively.  The next six years were spent testing out everything he was learning.  Much of it failed.

His big breakthrough came from placing online ads to sell pet training manuals to parrot and dog owners.  Once he crossed $100,000 in sales in a single month, he started showing others his process.

Enter Frank Kern, the guru, who’s been selling info products, courses, workshops, coaching, speaking, and done-for-you marketing, advertising, and copywriting services ever since.

Today, he’s arguably the most well-known internet marketer of all-time.  His goal is to help other entrepreneurs, marketers and small business owners use automation and paid ads to generate more profit.

He recently coined the phrase “behavioral dynamic response,” which means: sending prospects follow-up marketing material, automatically, based on their actions.  Frank Kern considers this the holy grail of marketing.

Frank Kern net worth lessons

Words are weapons

The man made copywriting cool.  I remember the first Frank Kern sales letter I ever read: I had no idea why, but I enjoyed reading it.  It was effortless.  And fun.

Right then I thought, ‘I gotta learn how to write like this.’

Not sure if I’m at that level yet, but I’ve been studying copy ever since.  And it’s made me millions of dollars.

(Thanks, Frank, for leading the way!)

The trick that isn’t

I’ve heard him say it dozens of times.  In blog posts, on video, in Facebook ads.  Kern sarcastically calls this his number one trick:

“Demonstrate you can help someone by actually helping them.”

Of course, it’s the farthest thing from a “trick.”  And yet, as basic as it sounds, he’s right: everybody forgets to do this.  We get inundated with advanced tactics and tech stuff.  Then crap the comforter when it comes to common sense.

Not Kern.  Whenever I go through one of his funnels, I find myself going, “Damn, this guy knows his stuff.”

Why?  Well, because he’s actually helping me, and probably to a greater degree than anyone else ever has.

Staying in the game

Frank Kern’s internet career is coming up on its 30 year anniversary.  Think about that.  That’s like 300 years offline.

How many gurus have come and gone in that time?  Too many to count.  The more net worths we look at, the more I see just how important it is to take a long-term approach to business.

Relax.  That doesn’t mean slow and steady is the goal.  All of these millionaires go fast, at times.  But they stick to their main business like glue, year after year.  They don’t stop and start and jump around.

Frank Kern’s done all sorts of stuff; launched products left and right; teamed up with all the top names; but his core business is the same as it’s always been: Frank Kern solving problems for other business owners.

It worked twenty-something years ago.  It works today, even better, thanks to two-plus decades of consistent marketing.

(Think how many people just automatically buy anything Kern puts out… because, well… it’s Frank friggin Kern.)

Now think where you’d be at if you committed to your internet business, every day, for the next 30 years.

Last words

Frank Kern’s been doing the internet marketing thing for forever.  It’s pretty remarkable: he’s been able to stay not only relevant, but at the top of the food chain for all those years.

He’s adapted to algorithm changes and new platforms coming and going and lawsuits and legal trouble and trolls.  And yet, here he is, highly sought-after and paid like a king.

His copywriting and advertising and consistent, common sense approach to complex marketing issues is fascinating to study.

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