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Kevin Gates Net Worth

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Kevin Gates net worth: Kevin Jerome Gilyard, who goes by Kevin Gates, is a rapper with a net worth of $1.75 million dollars.  He is not your typical rapper.  Read on for 10 facts that might surprise you.

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1. Kevin Gates was born on February 5, 1986.  His mother is Puerto Rican and his father, who died of AIDS when Kevin was 14, was African American.  He grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He played soccer and practiced martial arts throughout childhood.

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2. Kevin Gates calls himself a nerd.  He loves to learn new things.  He believes the minute you stop growing, you start dying.  He’s also big on the law of attraction—what you put out into the world will come back to you.  He respects men, not money.  Showing respect makes him feel good.

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3. Kevin Gates used to think yoga “was for p*ssies.”  But when he was in jail and his cellmate asked him to do a yoga class with him, he became hooked.  These days, it’s like a religion for him.  It even inspired him to change up his diet and lose weight, so he could do the moves better.

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4. Kevin Gates does not watch TV or follow sports.  He likes his house quiet.  He doesn’t want to be distracted.  Instead, he spends his free time reading, thinking, meditating and spending quality time with his family.

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5. Kevin Gates used to take drugs to numb his pain.  He has since quit, doing it cold turkey.  He believes rehab is for quitters.  He is now on a journey of self-mastery.

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6. While locked up, he got a Master’s degree in psychology.  “But really, I already had my Master’s in psychology.  I just didn’t know it.  It was things that I already knew.  Coming up in the streets, I had to learn how to read people early on.  I’m a very analytical person.  I observe a lot of the things that people don’t notice,” he explained to Rolling Stone.

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7. The best advice he’s ever received?  When you follow your heart you always win.  Worst advice?  Anything you get off Instagram, he said half-joking.  Then he followed it up with an even better answer: “Instant gratification.  I don’t want microwave results.  I wanna cook mine on the stove.”

Kevin Gates Girlfriend

8. In October of 2015, Kevin Gates married his longtime girlfriend, Dreka Haynes.  They have three kids together.  He speaks very highly of his “Queen” and is sure he’d be doing a life sentence right now if not for her.  Kevin admits he has some kids with different women as well, and says he is close with all of them.  In May of 2020, he was rumored to have a sex tape with another woman.

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9. Kevin Gates and his wife are both Muslim.  In September of 2016, they traveled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for an “Islamic pilgrimage” known as Hajj.  He convinced Moneybagg Yo to convert to Muslim as well.

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10. Kevin Gates has had a few run-ins with the law.  At age 13, he was arrested for “joyriding” in a stolen car.  In 2003, he stabbed a man multiple times after they got into an argument outside of a movie theater.  In 2016, while performing at a concert, he kicked a fan, and had to serve three months in jail for it.  In 2017, he served time for gun charges stemming from a 2013 incident.

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