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DJ Khaled Net Worth

DJ We The Best

DJ Khaled net worth: DJ Khaled is a hip-hop entrepreneur and entertainer with a net worth of $31 million dollars.

If you don’t know his story:

Khaled got his start as a radio personality for WEDR in Miami.  That led to a deejay position for the group Terror Squad, along with producer roles for rap artists Fabolous and Fat Joe.

From there, DJ Khaled would go on to release 10 of his own albums, collaborating with many of the biggest stars in music.

In recent years, and thanks to the internet, he’s become known for his hilarious personality, and is now considered a living meme.

And did I mention he wrote a book (called The Keys, which I’ll read and review shortly) and is now the face of Ciroc Mango?  Or that he launched an e-commerce store with shirts and socks and even motherf*cking cocoa butter stamped with his most memorable catchphrases?

Yep.  Khaled’s got the magic touch right now.  Momentum’s on his side.  His net worth isn’t sitting still.  It’ll continue to climb over the next few years.

Question is: what can we learn from hip-hop’s most huggable hype man turned Snapchat savage?

DJ Khaled net worth lesson

The DJ Khaled doctrine.  Okay, depending on who you ask, dude’s famous (or annoying) for saying, “We the best,” as often as possible, on as many tracks as possible.

Thing is, he’s right.  When you focus on becoming the best at what you do, the money will follow.

But when you start a business and focus only on revenue, and try to skip the whole “becoming the best” part, it’s a rough ride.

You’re trying to force a result you didn’t necessarily earn.  Which is precisely what most wannabe millionaires are out there doing.

And whether you think the abused tagline is corny or clever, it’s certainly effective.  Within seconds, Khaled lets you know who’s behind the hit you’re listening to (him) and he’s telling you what to think about his work (that it’s the best), like a laugh track on a TV sitcom reminding you the show’s funny.

Yes, you can overdo it.  (‘Memba Mike Jones?)  But this isn’t so much about saying it out loud as it is being it and believing it.  That’s gotta be the first focus; not the next million.  Bless up.

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