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Khang Le Net Worth: Wholesale To Millions


Khang was born and raised in Vietnam. He grew up in a mud hut, literally dirt poor. So much so that his parents couldn’t afford to send him to school. As a result, Khang can speak his native language, but can’t read or write in Filipino.

At the age of nine, his family was lucky enough to come to America. Imagine seeing carpeted floors, microwaves, refrigerators for the first time. Nucking futs, huh?

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For the next six years, before and after school, and all day long during the summers, Khang was in the fields picking fruits and vegetables to help his family make money. Hard work was embedded in his DNA.

At age 17, Khang dropped out of high school. He was being picked on, bullied, and had no plans of going to college, so why not? At this point, he’s very insecure. Hates himself. But manages to meet and marry his wife—at the age of 18.

For the next five years, they lived together in a shed behind her mom’s mobile home park. They worked odd jobs to save up $15k and then invested in a hair extension kiosk. At 23, they bought their first home using the profits from that business.

For the next four years, it was: grind, save, be smart with money, grind, save, repeat. By 27, Khang had paid off both his home and his car. He and his wife were willing to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. They dreamed of becoming millionaires. But how?

Khang’s wife sees an ad for a real estate seminar and talks him into going. Soon, they were doing their first flip. They walked away up $50k. That’s when Khang’s mind exploded. It became real. He knew, if they did it once, they could do it again—and again and again.

King Khang Checks

But after seeing some of the downsides of fix ‘n’ flips, Khang discovered wholesaling and decided to give that a shot. His first wholesale netted him 28 Gs in a matter of days, and he was hooked.

Khang hired some virtual assistants, scaled things up, and crossed the $100k per month mark. By age 32, he and his wife had achieved their dream of becoming millionaires.

Fast forward to today. Khang’s got a team and systems in place, such that, he’s able to run his entire wholesaling biz virtually. He doesn’t have to go out and look at properties or meet with sellers—everything’s done over the phone in about two hours a day.

So what’s he spend the rest of his time on? Creating content for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. And when you sprinkle in the money “King Khang” now generates online, via ad revenue and course sales (my personal favorite being The King Khang C’mon Man Sheeeiiittt Package), we believe his net worth is around $5 million dollars. And it’ll only snowball from there.

What do you need to follow in his footsteps? Clearly, it’s not about having a college degree (or even a high school diploma, for that matter). And you don’t need a big bankroll to wholesale. Or good credit. Or lots of experience. Or even a real estate license.

“What you do need, is you need the work ethic and the willpower to sustain the obstacles and all the challenges that’s gonna come into your life,” Khang says. “And just be able to keep on pursuing and keep pushing forward.”

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