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Chad Kimball Google Maps (Arbor Academy) Exposed

The Arbor Academy Journal

Chad Kimball and his big ol’ beard, who you probably discovered via one of his YouTube ads—which take you through weird websites like Elite.Chaddo.com, Arbor-Academy.com, and TheArborAcademy.net—sells a Google Maps Elite course (er, coaching program?). Before I reveal his backstory, assuming you’re interested in “digital real estate,” watch this:

Alright, back to “Chaddo,” who decided to get vulnerable recently when he filmed a short video sharing some of his journal entries from before he was a Google Maps master.

But why do this? Right? “I want you to know that I can relate [to where you’re at] and that I know how it feels to want to really change your life; to want to change your work situation; to get out of your job; to set your schedule; to set you and your finances free; to make more money. And I also know what it feels like not to know how to do it,” he says.

Basically, Chad Kimball hopes these journal entries will let you know that you’re not alone if you’re feeling like he was and that, perhaps, he’s the guy who can help you get unstuck in record time.

Chad Kimball Reviews Journal Entry

Chad Kimball’s journal entry from 1/17/99.

If you can make out the writing, he’s unhappy with his lifestyle and wishes life was simpler, like when he was still in school. He wishes he could work from home and have a flexible schedule. He’s envious of other people’s lifestyles who appear to have the freedom he so desperately desires.

Quit Your Job Chad Kimball Arbor Academy

Chad Kimball’s journal entry from 6/19/99.

Six months later, you can see that his asshole boss refuses to stop yelling at everybody and he’s making a case for leaving his job.

Chaddo Elite Truth

Chad Kimball nears his breaking point.

A while later, in an entry written in red pen, that starts out “Lord Jesus -” … it’s obvious he’s at the end of his rope with his current 9-to-5. However, attempts at finding new work have fallen flat.

Jealousy Envy Chad Kimball Easy Local Cash

Chad Kimball hits rock bottom.

Now it gets dark. Chad’s consumed with envy, jealousy, and a whole slew of negative emotions. Most of all, he feared he’d be stuck in that sh*tty situation forever.

Chad Kimball Goes Internet Marketer

Chad Kimball escapes his torturous rat race.

Of course, this story has a happy ending. “This is my last day… Whew!” he writes, partially out of the viewing area of his video. “I almost can’t believe I made it a year and a half at this place.”

Google Local Specialist Chad Kimball

Chad Kimball in the early days of entrepreneurship.

At this point, can’t nobody tell him nothin’. Chad Kimball immediately stopped shaving, grew out his beard, and began working from home, helping local businesses get found by showing up at the top of Google Maps.

Chad Kimball Beard

Chad Kimball now makes money, passively, while he travels, thanks to his Google Maps magic.

And here he is, two decades later, with less hair, but a way more epic beard, living his best life, funded by his Google Maps mojo. A skillset he’d be tickled pink to teach you, for a little under seven grand.

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