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The Ecom King Net Worth, Income Streams Revealed


Kamil Sattar, who brands himself The Ecom King, recently jumped from $35k per month all the way up to $80k per month. But it wasn’t always rainbows and puppies. The Ecom King got online at age 15 and proceeded to fail and fail some more. At one point, he was so depressed he tried to take his own life.

Finally, after some success flipping high-end luxury goods to celebs and football players, at age 17, Kamil decided to give dropshipping a try. By 19, he’d crossed a million dollars in sales. To see how he did it, keep reading.

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The Ecom King has five different income streams. First and foremost, Shopify dropshipping. With that, Kamil’s doing about $250k per month in revenue, with a profit of about $40k. Time commitment? Two to four hours a day, thanks to partners and virtual assistants doing most of the work. Also, he uses Facebook ads to drive the majority of those sales.

Secondly, The Ecom King makes money mentoring others through his company, E-Commerce Mentoring, which offers 1-on-1 coaching. This arm of the business does about $15k per month and takes up one or two hours a day from Kamil.

Third, you got YouTube income. After a slow start (it took Kamil an entire year just to get his first 20k subscribers), he’s since found his stride, putting out entire Shopify drop-shipping courses for free. Factor-in the global pandemic, where people are losing their jobs left and right, looking for ways to make money online, and it’s not hard to see how Kamil’s channel is blowing up. It makes him about $10k per month at the moment, in exchange for just three to five hours a week in time and energy.

Kamil Sattar

Fourth is affiliate marketing. Whenever The Ecom King recommends a product or piece of software and links to it with his special tracking link, he’ll get a commission on any sales generated. This makes him around $5k per month, and takes very little of his time since it’s literally just copying and pasting links below content he’s already making for YouTube.

The Ecom King’s fifth and final income stream is arbitrage: buying low, selling high—still in the luxury space. Basically, Kamil kept his best clients from his pre-dropshipping days and has become somewhat of a personal shopper for them. He spends about an hour a day going back and forth with ’em on WhatsApp, seeing what they want, going out and getting it as inexpensively as he can, then selling it to ’em with a markup. This nets him anywhere from $5k to $10k a month, depending on the month.

Summing up The Ecom King’s online earnings

So there you have it. Five income streams that add up to roughly $80 Gs a month in total revenue. Take out taxes, business and lifestyle expenses, and remember that he’s only been doing these numbers for a short while, and we believe The Ecom King has a net worth of around $500k. By the end of 2021, he’ll likely be a millionaire. For more on The Ecom King’s money sitch, check out the following video.

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