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Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth

Rich Dad Poor Dad Wealth

Robert Kiyosaki net worth: Robert Kiyosaki is a bestselling author and entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $88 million dollars.  Much of that massive net worth comes from his Rich Dad Company, which teaches people how to make, invest, and protect their money, through books, videos, seminars, and interactive games.

To date, Kiyosaki has written 26 books.  He’s best known for the Rich Dad Poor Dad series that have sold just north of 27 million copies globally.

Kiyosaki, of course, practices what he preaches, putting his profit to work by starting and investing in dozens of different ventures, from mining to retail to real estate and more.  Kiyosaki claims to pocket an impressive $2 million a month, tax-free, thanks to all these deals.

The main takeaway from Robert Kiyosaki is that, to get rich, you have to create a new relationship with money.  You have to stop focusing solely on making it, and put more emphasis on growing and managing it.  And that starts with self-education.  Because, until you know what the rich people know, you’ll continue to act like the poor people surrounding you.

On top of Kiyosaki’s books and programs, here’s a good checklist to get you thinking like a millionaire.

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