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Brent Kocal Review (Ruthless Results)


“People used to think I was crazy,” Brent Kocal says in a dramatic new pitch video that starts off with him submerged in the deep end of a pool, fully clothed for some reason.

“And I thought I was crazy too,” he continues. “Like, legitimately there might be something different about my brain that gave me this savage level of self-discipline.”

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“I couldn’t ever explain it though. I couldn’t ever explain what drove me to wake up at 4:35 AM. To workout at 5 AM to within one heartbeat away from death. Why I would count, measure, and weigh everything that I eat.”

“I couldn’t explain how I approached business and how I was able to execute at the level that I was able to execute at. I couldn’t explain what drove me to meditate for 40 minutes a day. Or take my wife out on two dates per week. Or take my kids out on one date a week, each.”

“I could never explain it. Until I figured out that I wasn’t crazy. I was just living by a system. And I didn’t even know that until I spent the last three years decoding, deconstructing, and reverse-engineering it.”

“And on the other side of this page, I’m gonna show you that system called Ruthless Results. I’m gonna show you how you can link up your daily tactics to your long-term strategies to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.”

“And I’m not talking about some bullsh*t planner or some new age to-do list; that’s not what this is about. It’s about an actual system. It’s a system that you can plug into your business and your life that’s going to bring you results faster than you ever thought possible.”

“So if you’re somebody who’s tired of feeling frustrated, tired of feeling like you’re playing small, then enter your info on this page, then sit back, relax, because I’m about to show you a system that’s gonna unlock the game for you,” Brent says as the video comes to an end.

Brent Kocal Net Worth

I went ahead and signed up, sat through his training, and here’s what you need to know about the Ruthless Results System.

  • It’s designed to create a connection between long-term vision and daily actions.
  • It’ll help you figure out what steps you need to take and the order you should do them in.
  • You’ll uncover a bulletproof execution strategy that’ll make your desired outcome inevitable.
  • Plus, you’ll always know how far you’ve come and how much further you have left to go.
  • It’s based on the principle “anything hard is just a series of easy things.”
  • Brent never mentions how much Ruthless Results costs, but asks you to book a 1-on-1 strategy call with him to find out.
  • When a phone close is involved, you’re usually looking at $5k or more to get into the program, just FYI.

I had a few problems with Brent’s pitch. While he seems like a good guy who’s mostly got his sh*t together, I’m still not really sure what he’s selling.

It’s like he can’t decide. Is this a course on self-discipline? Or a scale-to-seven-figures-fast course?

And if it’s the latter, what makes Brent qualified? He claims he’s built multiple million dollar businesses, but never offers any specifics as to what those were or how he built them.

He doesn’t position himself as a Facebook ads expert or a funnel ninja or a high-ticket coach. So I’m really not sure why I’d hire him.

To me, Brent Kocal seems like a guy who loves his family and does CrossFit and wants to charge you a lot of money to scream, “Keep the main thing the main thing!” whenever you get stuck.

I wonder, if he wasn’t blessed with good looks, if he’d be selling this “system” at all. I dunno. What do you think?

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