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King Kong Quantum Growth Review

King Kong Sales Funnel Bounty

King Kong just hit me with the following Facebook ad for their Quantum Growth program, which supposedly helps coaches, consultants, and service businesses hit 7-figures.

If I opt-in, they’ll show me “how to get 5, 10, 30 or even 50+ high-value dream clients each and every month—even during turbulent times.”

Not only that, but they’ll reveal “the five-step ‘selling system’ that’ll make all that happen in just 42-days, or less.” (Yes, even if I’ve struggled to get clients online in the past.)

Can they back up those claims? You’re about to find out. Before I drop my Quantum Growth review, though, you might wanna watch this case study:

Alright, so after clicking King Kong’s sidebar ad, I get taken to a cool-looking squeeze page with a short video and a call-to-action to enter my email:

Seven Figure Cheat Sheet KingKong

So I did. And I was instantly redirected to the value video, as promised. Another well-put-together page. Check it out:

Quantum Growth King Kong Price

Question is: what’s behind all that marketing makeup? A “butter face?” Only one way to find out.

After pressing play, Sabri Suby, who founded and heads the “growth division” of King Kong, his Australian-based digital marketing agency, wastes no time. First, he takes a shot at “gurus” standing in front of their “rented Lambos” trying to sell you “pixie dust.”

This ain’t that, he implies, before asking me if I’d like to make a “money machine” that multiplies my my dolla dolla bills y’all:

Sabri Suby EntrepreneurWhich had me rolling my eyes until Sabri flashed a spreadsheet of King Kong’s clients… and the more than $1.3 billion dollars in revenue they’ve been able to make for ’em, thanks to paid ads. On Facebook, alone, they’ve spent more than $15 million dollars; on Google, they’ve spent more than $23 million dollars. And their clients are in hundreds of different niches.

Compare that to the average course creator who’s only ever had success running one Facebook ad to one funnel, to sell one high-ticket offer; and now they wanna charge you $9,800 to help you “scale your agency to 7-figures.”

Advantage: King Kong agency. A real agency with a real office and more than 70 employees. Here, have a look:

King Kong Office Australia

Sabri then describes their in-house client-getting system. It’s honestly the same marketing funnel every coach, course-seller, and agency owner uses these days. Paid ad to squeeze page to inbound closer. See for yourself:

Quantum Growth Client Getting System

Using average numbers across hundreds of industries and niches they’ve worked in, Sabri says King Kong can often get leads for $2 to $10; phone appointments for as little as $35; and actual sales for as little as $175.

If what you’re selling is medium or even high ticket, and you got anywhere near those numbers, yes, you’d have yourself a money machine. But would you? Even with King Kong’s Quantum Growth training? Doubtful.

And that’s because you’re not them. You don’t have 70 talented people, each one specializing in a particular skill, working together to create the perfect paid funnel. Neither do I. So even if Sabri and his team taught us everything they know, it’s just not gonna be the same.

Our pages won’t be as pretty. Our copy won’t be as sharp. We don’t have anywhere near the credibility of Sabri and King Kong. Our salespeople won’t be as good. Our systems and support might be lacking. We’ll get hung up on tech issues and tracking. We won’t have the dedicated reps working at Facebook and Google who can give us an unfair advantage. And so on and so forth.

Add it all up and we might be looking at 10 times those costs. Especially if you’re in a cutthroat niche (I’m looking at you coaches, consultants, and digital marketers).

Now, to be fair, Sabri does walk through a “worst case scenario” and show that you could, in fact, perform much worse than them, and still be profitable—if you’re selling to high-value dream clients who are worth at least $5k to you, lifetime.

He’s right. And that’s why you see everyone and their auntie running ads for their “signature program” these days. Their cost per sale could be a couple grand, which is awful, yet they’re still profitable ’cause they’re charging $7k or whatever it is. Anyways.

King Kong Quantum Growth Overview

That brings us to the pitch. Quantum Growth is a six week training program and turnkey selling system that teaches you how to rapidly scale your service to 7-figures using proven funnels, frameworks, and scientific customer acquisition strategies. The curriculum is as follows:

  • Week 1: finding your dream clients and crafting your offer
  • Week 2: building a 7-figure mindset and transcending to a new level
  • Week 3: copywriting and advanced mass market sales weaponry
  • Week 4: persuasion and sales mastery (rapid client conversion)
  • Week 5: building your conversion machine (transcendent funnels)
  • Week 6: scaling to paid ads and ratcheting up to 7-figures fast

It’s a great offer. And if you’re already making good money and you’re an advanced online marketer with deep pockets? Probably one you should consider. But if not? Like say you’re a newbie just trying to get to, say, $5k/mo? Quantum Growth is not for you. It’d be too pricey, too overwhelming, too advanced.

You’d have to book a “breakthrough call” to find out how much Quantum Growth costs, but I’d bet on around $10k. Then you’d need at least, what, an extra $10k or so to get started with paid ads? Plus software, tools, etc. For many, it’s just not doable; or it’s too risky for how early they are in their journey.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, our “rent little websites” model might be a better fit. It’s simple, scalable, there’s no ad spend, no funnels, and no nonsense. The competition is laughable, which is why the average person can do it. To learn more about it, click below.

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