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Sandi Krakowski Net Worth

Sandi Krakowski Wealthy

Sandi Krakowski net worth: Sandi Krakowski is an author, speaker, social media influencer, and investor with a net worth of approximately $13 million.

Krakowski has been building internet businesses for more than two decades now.  She started out in e-commerce, selling kitchen supplies, home goods, and supplements.  After growing that biz to $4 million in sales, Krakowski graduated to direct sales, where she moved millions of dollars worth of wellness products.  Next came coaching, consulting, and done-for-you direct-response marketing and copywriting services.

Krakowski’s knack for writing words that sell fueled her success from one venture to the next.  It’s also where she found the most joy – helping struggling business owners turn things around with campaigns that popped and sizzled like hot bacon grease.

However, working from home, while interacting with only a small number of clients, became boring and lonely.  That’s when Sandi launched her company, A Real Change International, to scale her reach globally, pivoting away from services and into training, speaking, and masterminds.

You could say it worked.  Through this brand, Krakowski and her signature pinkish-purple hair have impacted millions and served more than 160,000 paying customers.

Today, Krakowski also acts as an angel investor, funding and advising all sorts of exciting new startups.

Notably, Forbes has included Krakowski in their Top 20 Online Marketing Influencers list.

If you learn one thing from Sandi Krakowski’s net worth, let it be this: she does it her way.  From the hair to the tattoos to tying faith into her work, Sandi does Sandi.  And if you can’t handle it?  Bye, Felicia.

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