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Andrew Kroeze Tribe Of Buyers Reviews Group Growth Secrets

Tribe Of Buyers Facebook Ad

Andrew Kroeze from Tribe of Buyers just hit me with the following Facebook ad. Curious if this guy was legit, I did some digging. He has three programs to help coaches start and scale their businesses.

They are: (1) Group Growth and Monetization Blueprint—a six-week course to help new coaches launch, grow, and cash-in using free Facebook groups; (2) Authority Accelerator Program—plug-n-play systems and resources to help coaches push past six-figures, predictably, without wasting money on ads and funnels; and (3) 7-Figure CEO Mastermind—high-level mentorship and done-with-you services to turn six-figure coaches into seven-figure bosses.

In a minute, I’ll share some of Andrew’s tips and tactics for leveraging Facebook groups to explode your coaching biz. Before I do, however, consider watching this case study. In it, my mentor interviews another one of his now more than 6,000+ students, and shows you simple, semi-passive income streams you can copy.

Cool, back to Andrew Kroeze. What follows are his exact words, collected from a variety of websites, press releases, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and Facebook groups.

Andrew Kroeze Tribe Of Buyers Conference

A simple truth:

The people in your life are your life.

Why money matters:

Money isn’t everything…

But it buys some incredible experiences. And the more I experience, the more I fall in love with life. That’s why I worked so hard to go from 0 to 7-figure online business in 18 months…

For more experiences and more love of life.

It wasn’t easy… but when you go from working 60 hours per week in your parents’ basement… to watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean in Kawai’i with the love of your life…

…with the peace of mind of having a team that’s running your business and investments that are putting your money to work… in just two years [time]…

You know you’re on the right path.

When public speaking goes horribly wrong, but you turn it into a windfall of cash:

The audience seems antsy. I’m uncomfortable and I feel a knot in the pit of my stomach. And I’ve just screwed up the most important part of the weekend at my own live event.

It was my first Tribe Of Buyers Live event and halfway through my pitch I realized I was BOMBING. There were 200 sets of eyeballs staring back at me, watching me screw up at full speed.

I couldn’t have felt more alone. At this point, I really only had two options.

OPTION #1 – I could power through and try to get the pitch back on track. OPTION #2 – Or I could stop and acknowledge what I was feeling.

It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I stopped myself short and ended the pitch. The room was so silent that I thought everyone could hear my heart thumping.

I took a deep breath… and then, I made the choice. I told the audience how I was feeling. That I’d fumbled the pitch and felt stiff and uncomfortable. I told them that I didn’t want to let my nerves or my awkwardness with a new pitch deck get in the way of their ability to take action on something that I really believed in… something I thought could change their businesses and their lives.

I stood in my truth and owned that I’d messed up. And I asked for their understanding. The room was still silent at this point when something incredible happened.

People started clapping. Then they started cheering. And when my tunnel vision finally dissolved, I could see they were all standing!

What started out as one of THE most awkward moments for me ended up with a standing ovation. I felt a wave of gratitude roll over me.

I decided to speak from the heart instead of just pitching from a script. I told them about our 7 Figure CEO program and how much it’s helped people just like them. I talked about why I was so passionate about this mission.

And then… I just made the offer. By the end of the weekend, we’d closed $850K. And I’d learned one of the most important lessons of my entrepreneurial life. When in doubt, ditch the script. Trust yourself. Tell the truth. Sometimes the best thing to do is follow your intuition.

Why you’re leaving piles of money on Zuckerberg’s table and how to collect it:

There are millions of dollars waiting for you on Facebook right now. (I’m serious.)

And I just wanna let you know, you’re closer to those millions than you think.

Breathe in with me real quick. Can you smell that cash? If not, odds are that you haven’t mastered the Million Dollar Messaging Sequence.

Before I tell you about that, let me tell you why you’re so close. You have an offer or an idea for an offer. You’ve been growing an audience. But you’ve struggled moving your audience consistently and automatically from consuming your content to buying your offer… so when you don’t see sales coming in you freak the f*ck out and it’s a downward spiral.

But what if I told you that the link between people consuming your content to buying your offer was nothing more than a sequence of nine psychological triggers?

Triggers that… Robb Quinn has used to generate over $700K from his Facebook Organic Content; Jeff Miller has used to generate over $1 million from his Facebook Organic Content; Doug Boughton has used to generate over $300K from his Facebook Organic Content; and over 500 more clients…

Okay… I don’t like to keep people waiting, so let me do this. These are the 9 Psychological Triggers of the Million Dollar Messaging Sequence…

  1. The Pain – Your audience needs to know that you understand their deepest pains.
  2. The Problem – Your audience needs to know that you understand their problems inside and out
  3. The Stakes & Consequences – Your audience needs to know the stakes and consequences of them not taking action.
  4. Who You Are – Your audience needs to know who the f*ck you are and why you’re so awesome
  5. Your Process – Your audience needs to know your process and how you can guide them from their current situation to their desired situation
  6. Proof – Your audience needs to see proof that your product or service and produce results (as much proof as possible).
  7. Objections – You need to handle your audience’s objections inside of your content.
  8. Vision – You need to lay out a compelling vision for what your audience future can look like
  9. Call To Action – You need to let them know how they can take the necessary action.
7 Figure CEO Andrew Live Event

Regarding the roller coaster ride that is digital marketing:

I haven’t told many people this but…

I started 2019 in the middle [of a] severe entrepreneur burnout…

I was bedridden with Adrenal Fatigue and only made $4K in my business that month (when I was doing $40K-$60K per mo for the entirety of that year)…

…but that burnout was a blessing, and let me tell you why…

It made me realize that my business solely relied on me. I didn’t have any LEVERAGE…

So when I died, my business died. So in 2019 I set an intention to…

  1. Strengthen my health.
  2. Add as much leverage to my business as possible.

So I added 10 team members. I added essential softwares to automate some of our processes. And we started building out a dynamic SOP playbook.

The result? Our first 7-figure year with the foundation to triple that in 2020. So if you feel burnt out right now, it’s okay. In 2020 find your leverage points.

Profitable principles to live by:

I’ve found more internal peace than I could ever imagine this year… and it started with tuning out the noise and carving my own path.

The formula was simple… DEFINE SUCCESS FOR YOURSELF.

Accept that the path won’t be easy. Pursue it relentlessly. Surround yourself with people that are on their path and encourage you on yours. Periodically reflect on your growth. And never lose sight of your vision.

I hope this helps… to your dharma and success!

Sometimes you gotta slow down to speed up:

Here’s one thing I couldn’t say to myself with 100% honesty until recently…

“I love myself.”

It’s been a long road that started with making the decision to:

  • Become sober.
  • Get in the best shape of my life.
  • And quit my job within 90 days.

And guess what? I accomplished all of that. And although I felt 100x better and was finally starting to believe in myself… I was still surrounded by a few bad apples.

I was still dependent on caffeine (5-8 cups per day). I still didn’t have a business (I had a hustle). So what did I do?

I dropped those bad apples (one was a mentor, actually) and invested into new ones… like… I invested a lot.

I quit caffeine. Cold turkey. And yes, my business took a hit (did you notice that I didn’t post in my Facebook group for a month… I was reading books).

But sometimes you need to take a step back to take a giant leap forward.

I invested in building a team and implementing SOPs into my business.

And it’s just the start but holy sh*t… this is A LOT of fun.

So what has all this action taking brought me?

Happiness. Calm. But more importantly… self-love. I’m not dependent on something to simulate a happy state. I’m happy because of me. And I can’t tell you how fulfilling that truly is.


Set goals. Remove any and all coping mechanisms (and know it’s going to SUCK at first). Invest in yourself. Change your life and love yourself.

Thanks to group growth expert, Andrew Kroeze, CEO of Tribe of Buyers, for the words of wisdom.

Andrew Kroeze Course Feedback

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