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Nik Robbins Krusader Nation Review

Nik Robbins Krusader Nation

Nik Robbins of Krusader Nation, in his thirstiest Facebook ad yet, says stop cold calling. Instead, sign up for his new on-demand training where he’ll reveal a smarter way to get 8-15 booked appointments for your agency, each and every week, on autopilot. Plus, he’ll teach you how to scale up and remove yourself from the day-to-day grind.

Before I get into my Agency Prototype review, you should watch this case study my mentor did with another one of his students. They’ll reveal our anti-agency model you can carbon copy, starting today.

Speaking of hideous, Nik Robbins’ squeeze page looks like the inside of a Taco Bell dumpster on a hot summer day. I dig it. Guess I’ll click the green button and sign up for the training and “2 Comma Club-winning VSL slides.”

AgencyPrototype.com Scale After submitting my email, I was taken to a private page with two steps. The first, is to watch the training video Nik bribed me with. The second, no surprise, is to book a sales call. Oops, I meant “Free Agency Scaling Implementation Session.” My bad.

Agency Prototype Video

Now I’ll watch his video and try my best to make Nik’s offer look inferior to ours. He starts out talking about the problems agency owners face:

  • Saturation
  • Soul-sucking prospecting techniques
  • Piss-poor retention rates
  • No systems, no automation
  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Panic about the current state of the world

Which, when you add it all up, the average agency owner’s left butt-hurt and broke. (My words, not his.) But it doesn’t have to be that way, Nik says. Not when you nail the “four pillars” of running a successful agency.

Local Marketing Agency Pillars

In the first pillar, Nik recommends niching down. Go all-in on working with one type of business. Otherwise, it’s like waking up every day and trying to learn a new language; you’re always starting over. Josh Nelson, founder of Seven Figure Agency, agrees.

You need to productize your offer as well, Nik adds. So one niche, one offer, one solution, fulfilled the same way every single time. That way, you can take on more clients with less hassle on the back-end. Growth Cave creator, Lucas Lee-Tyson, seconds that.

For pillar two, you have to understand what your market wants. Then put it in front of ’em across the core four marketing channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email. To automate it, Nik encourages you to hire a cheap VA to do everything for you. Cold Email Client Attraction expert, Luke Max Voigt, teaches the same thing.

In pillar three, you need to have a sales process that duplicates. That way, you can remove yourself, insert a salesperson or five, and actually achieve scale. Facebook ads master, Chase Chappell, echoes this. But how? Right?

You do this by having your team ask the right questions so that the prospect realizes, on their own, that they need you. Also, Nik likes his sales reps using a slide deck, which they present one-on-one via a Zoom meeting, for every sales call. As a result, nothing gets left out and they’re following a flow that’s proven to convert. Inbound Closer’s Payton Welch shares a similar philosophy.

Last but not least, Nik continues, for pillar four, you need to understand: more money is lost churning and burning clients than anywhere else. The fix? Set the right expectations from the get-go. When you do this, how can any client complain or cancel on you? It’s much harder.

But there’s an overview of Nik’s four-pillared approach to building an agency that not only scales, but lasts for the long-haul.

Sound like a lot of work? I agree. So does Nik. And that’s why, if you’re ready to buckle down and take your agency and life to another level, he’d like you to apply for one of five remaining spots (*achoo, bullsh*t!) in his done-with-you program.

I’m not exactly sure what it’s called. Agency Prototype or Krusader Nation or Krusader Empire—something like that. I’m also not sure what it costs. But if I had to guess, based on similar offers like Funnel Steve, it’s at least $10k.

Should you invest? Maybe. After making it to the end of Nik’s video, I definitely think he’s legit. The only thing that turned me off was the fake scarcity. Like, if he’s really only doing this for five agencies, why’s he running a millionty different Facebook ads right now? Doesn’t add up.

So, tough call. You’re on your own on this one. Or, maybe you’d prefer our anti-agency model I was telling you about earlier.

Think about it. You wouldn’t need virtual assistants. Or expensive advertising. Nor do you really have “clients” to answer to. And your fulfillment is done up front. You simply rent the results of what you’ve already finished to whichever local business wants the additional revenue.

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