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Closer Institute Review (*Kruze Hunter-Boyd Bombs Big Time!)

CloserInstitute.com Facebook Ad

Kruze Hunter-Boyd will show you how to close more sales for your current business or become a certified high ticket closer for other businesses. Should you trust him? By the end of this page, you’ll have your answer.

But before I get into my Closer Institute review, here’s an even higher dollar skillset—it’s called organic lead gen. And here’s how it works:

Back to Kruze. I clicked his Facebook ad and was taken to his squeeze page. It’s a little “busy” and hard to read, but at the same time, props for not just copying Sam Ovens like the rest of the sheeple.

Closer Institute Reviews

After opting-in, I was redirected to a private page where, as promised, Kruze’s long-ass high ticket closer training video was waiting for me. He also sent the following email to my inbox:


Cory, your FREE TRAINING is here! [Details Inside]





Kruze Hunter-Boyd here, and I’m excited that you downloaded our Free Training “5 Secrets to Success with High Ticket Closing.”

I help people just like you, who want to learn the skills to be able to have the freedom and the life they desire.

Now, you can go ahead and download our Free Training “5 Secrets to Success with High Ticket Closing” by clicking here.

Cory, have you ever felt underpaid, overworked or under appreciated in what you’re currently doing or have some fear about your financial security in the future?

It really affects our lives, and can lead to unnecessary stress. A few days from now I’m going to share with you a story about how you can move past this and onto the next level.

I cannot wait to show you a little more!

Kruze Hunter-Boyd

P.S. If you’re not much of a free guide person or you simply are super interested in this, I have a 90 day freedom plan that I believe you’re going to really love. If you’d like to learn more, Click Here to book a quick free 15-minute discovery call.

Closer Institute
Broadbeach 4218, Australia

Now I’ll Kruze through his video (see what I did there?) and see if it’s any good.

High Ticket Closer On Demand Training

First impression? Dan Lok with an Australian accent, who clearly loves self-help books. “Believe it before you see it” and “the more you learn, the more you earn” were two of the cringier catchphrases he rattled off in the first few minutes.

Good Lord, this dude never shuts up! Covering two of his bio slides took 13-minutes, which felt like 13-hours. Read the room, Kruze. Nobody’s got an hour and thirty-nine minutes to listen to you ramble about whatever pops into your head/repeat your accomplishments ad nauseam.

OMG, I literally can’t with this guy. He’s such a narcissist. If I hear about his story one more time…

“Think big!” “Get in the game!” “Go for it!” says Kruze. The man is a living, breathing marketing meme. I just turned the corner—from mad to sad—about how unaware he is.

No exaggeration: of all my reviews, that was probably the most painful presentation I’ve ever sat through.

How’d he master high ticket selling? Or did he? Maybe he’s just making it all up.

I don’t think that’s the case, but it’s hard to imagine Kruze carrying on like that on the phone, talking about himself nonstop, peppering people with platitudes, and still being an effective inbound closer.

At any rate, to find out how much his Closer Institute Certification thingy costs, you’d have to book a call. But me, personally? I’d pay not to enroll.

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