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Kunal Desai Net Worth

Kunal Desai Riches

Kunal Desai net worth: Kunal Desai is a stock trader, trainer, and lifestyle entrepreneur with a net worth we’re estimating to be $9 million dollars.

Desai survived an early roller coaster ride before finally finding his groove with day trading.  Kunal credits a mentor, plenty of self-education, and years of in-the-trenches experience for his success with stocks.

Desai would eventually go on to found Bulls On Wall Street to teach others his winning ways.  What began as a basic chatroom where Kunal could simply share his trades evolved into articles, videos, webinars, and a variety of paid courses and mentoring programs.

Through his multimedia content and lots of lifestyle posts on social media, Desai dangles his training — which costs anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks, depending on the offer — in front of millions of people eager to follow in his footsteps.

Like his competitor, penny stock pro Tim Sykes, Desai makes the lion’s share of his money from teaching.  That’s not to say Desai doesn’t walk the walk — he absolutely does.  It’s just that selling the how-to, online, scales faster and steadier than swing trading, plus you avoid the loses (unless a paid ad goes horribly wrong).

Kunal can also be seen making the rounds on the usual speaking, podcasting, and media circuits, like many internet entrepreneurs we’ve written about previously.

Desai’s recent projects include his own hedge fund, designed for traders with small budgets, and a moving company he cofounded and now serves as investor and advisor for, located in New York City.

Let the net worth of Kunal Desai remind you how lucrative it is to master a money-making skill — because, in addition to using it yourself, you can always pass it on to others for a considerable fee.  I call that the “double dip.”

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