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Land Investing Pros Reviews (Land Flipping Formula)

Land Flipping Business Webinar

Willie Goldberg and Paul Hersko claim flipping land is easier and more lucrative than long-term rentals and fix-and-flips. Is it though?

I’ll watch their webinar and leave my Land Investing Pros review below. But first, check out what we’re doing with digital real estate:

The webinar starts and Willie and Paul take turns presenting. They make it known that they are not internet marketing guys who make all their money selling suckers the system.

They’re on pace to do 400 land deals, totaling $8 million dollars in revenue for the year 2020. At an average profit of $13,000 per deal, that’s roughly $5.3 million in profit.

After they pay out their 12 employees and cover expenses and then divide by two (for their 50/50 partnership), that gets whittled down substantially. But still. At least there’s no paradox of practice.

Who will this work for? Anyone who wants to start their own business. Wholesalers, flippers, and landlords wanting a better way to cash-in on real estate. Active land investors who’d like to scale up. Even real estate newbies with little money to invest.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Data-driven, so no emotions in decision-making.
  • Low competition compared to traditional REI.
  • Very high margins. Even a few deals a year would be a nice side income.
  • Automatable and scalable.
  • Complete control. Set your own income.
  • You’re investing in long-term assets.
  • None of the hassles of houses and tenants.
  • Self-financing is easy when you just own property.
  • Less time intensive. The process is entirely virtual.
  • Sellers have no emotional connection to land, like the do houses. This makes it easier to talk them down on price.

What does the actual land flipping process look like? Willie and Paul outline six basic steps.

  1. Determine your starting budget.
  2. Research a market.
  3. Make offers and close deals.
  4. Prepare listings for resale.
  5. Market your listings.
  6. Negotiate and make sales.

The toughest part, from the sounds of it, would be building your “marketing engine.” Posting properties all over the internet. Plus, you’d need a website, a buyers list, a nurture sequence. You’d have to build trust with these prospects over time. And so on.

I don’t doubt it’s easy to buy some dirt. I just wonder how long you’d be stuck holding it if that marketing engine is low on horsepower.

But maybe that’s why you need their Land Flipping Formula course. The cost is $1,297. Here’s what all you get:

Land Investing Pros Price

For that price, assuming you’re all-in on becoming a land investing pro, I saw nothing during the webinar that would compel me to try and talk you out of it.

Just understand: they will have some upsells available inside. For example: consulting, outsourcing options, and live events. So you could end up spending significantly more than $1,297.

Maybe compare it to VestRight before you pull the trigger. Or, don’t do land at all. Do what we do. Online rentals. Go back and watch the video above, if you’re interested in that.

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