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The Kid Laroi Net Worth (+Sick Freestyle Video!)

The Kid Laroi Fence

What is The Kid Laroi’s real name? It’s Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard.

How’d he get his stage name? Believe it or not, he’s a member of the Kamilaroi (or Gamilaraay) tribe—an Aboriginal Australian people whose lands extend from New South Wales to southern Queensland. They form one of the four largest Indigenous nations in Australia.

Where was he born and raised? The Kid Laroi was born in Waterloo, which is a suburb of Sydney, Australia. He later moved to a town called Broken Hill, in the middle of nowhere, before moving back to Waterloo a few years later. His dad was not in the picture; his mom and uncle brought him up.

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Where does he live now? Laroi’s out in LA, living with his mom and younger brother, Austin.

How old is The Kid Laroi? Well, his birthday is August 17th, 2003. This makes him just 17 years old at the time of writing this.

How tall is The Kid Laroi? About five-seven.

How’d he get his start? Back in 2015, he was performing under the name Charlton. That’s when he met his first mentor and producer: a guy by the name of Marcus (aka DJ Ladykiller). The two began building buzz locally as a duo known as the Dream Team. It was around then he changed his stage name to The Kid Laroi. After he and Marcus broke up, Laroi was discovered by DJ Ziggy, signing a deal with his ART Management record label.

The Kid Laroi freestyles with Einer Bankz

Instagram: @TheKidLaroi, Instagram: @EinerBankz

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What was his first project? The Kid Laroi dropped his debut EP, titled “14 With a Dream,” in 2018. That same year, his popularity grew after he became a finalist in the Triple J Unearthed high competition.

Who is he signed with today? The Kid Laroi ended up scoring a new deal with American rapper Lil Bibby’s sub-label, Grade A Productions, under Columbia Records.

What’s one thing the average fan doesn’t know about him? The Kid Laroi formed a special bond with rapper Juice Wrld before he died of an accidental drug overdose. The two became close when Juice toured in Australia in 2018 and 2019, acting as another musical mentor to The Kid Laroi.

What was his big break? At the tail-end of 2019, Laroi blew up when the music video for his song “Let Her Go” went live on Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube channel.

The Kid Laroi’s money situation


What is The Kid Laroi’s net worth? By our estimate, it’s approximately $700,000. At this rate, The Kid Laroi will be a multi-millionaire long before he reaches the legal drinking age.

What’s he been up to lately? His joint, “Diva,” with Lil Tecca, racked up tens of millions of views in early-2020. Then came his song “Addison Rae,” after the TikTok influencer, which also did well. Next, “Fade Away” with Lil Tjay. Then, my personal favorite, “Go,” which he did with the late Juice Wrld. That song was Laroi’s first single to make the Billboard Hot 100. Another song he made with Juice, called “Hate the Other Side,” would open at number 10 on the Hot 100. More recently, he collaborated with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Internet Money, Marshmello, and Machine Gun Kelly.

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