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Vanessa Lau Net Worth, Scaling Secrets


Vanessa Lau helps content creators and coaches get visible, then paid.

Vanessa Lau now makes as much as $300k per month, with more than $100k of that being pure profit. She started off working 1-on-1 with clients, giving them tons of attention, charging premium prices. She would then collect feedback, figure out what works and what doesn’t, adjust accordingly, and ultimately, productize her service so that she could sell it one-to-many and scale up.

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By the time Vanessa launched her course, The BossGram Academy, she had the three things you need to succeed with a digital product: social proof, traffic, and a scalable framework (aka a step-by-step process anyone who goes through your program can follow to get results).

Pro tip: Vanessa says you also must market to a specific person, with a specific problem, in a specific stage of their life (or business), and offer them a specific solution.

From there, you wanna focus on selling your system, not yourself. For example, inside Vanessa’s BossGram Academy, you get access to her proprietary Followers to Clients System. As opposed to unlimited access to Vanessa directly. This sets expectations properly and protects your free time. Now clients are investing in your intellectual property (aka your system), not you. Now you can truly remove yourself from fulfillment and support, if and when you want to.

Next, be the go-to of your industry. Niche down. Be known for something. When you do this, you can not only charge more, but you’ll get more referrals, more traffic, and more opportunities. “Generalists do not make a lot of money; specialists do,” Vanessa reminds us.

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Vanessa Lau used to suffer from imposter syndrome. Now she earns more than six figures per month.

What else? You gotta constantly elevate the content and client experience, says Vanessa. Don’t think you’re just gonna create this digital product, turn on the sales switch, then go on a month-long chardonnay bender with your besties while your bank account builds in the background.

Your course should be a living, breathing, constantly-improving entity. So again. Listen to what your customers are saying. Gather suggestions. Tweak. Repeat. But don’t stop there. Always ask yourself: how can I get them results faster? How I can make their life easier? What would I want the experience to be like? By aiming to create the perfect product, you’ll get more testimonials, more referrals, and more personal fulfillment.

Consider adding payment plans too. This allows you to sell high ticket to more people and build up monthly recurring revenue in the process. Doing this effectively doubled Vanessa’s own business, helping her do $1 million dollars worth of new sales during a recent 10-day push.

Also, Vanessa recommends you keep your expenses to an absolute minimum. One of the best ways to do this is to build an audience organically, using free traffic from YouTube, podcasts, social media, or whatever’s clever. You can also switch contractors over to full-time employees that are salaried and fully committed to the cause.

Some solid advice. It’s already taken Vanessa Lau to six figure months and an estimated net worth of $3.5 million dollars. For more, check out her video below.

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