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Michael Laurens 7-Figure Agency Sales System Review

Michael Laurens Scale Agency Ad Spend

Michael Laurens says he’ll show me how to scale an agency while spending nothing on ads. Okay, so what’s the catch? Keep reading for my 7-Figure Agency Sales System review.

Alright, Michael Laurens, founder of ML Enterprises, talks a big game on his squeeze page:

ML Enterprises

Let me go ‘head and opt-in and see if he can back it up. Cool? Cool. So, after entering my email, Michael sent this to my inbox:


[Action Required] Here is your webinar link…




Hi there,

Just wanted to THANK YOU for jumping in and deciding to watch my free 90-minute webinar “How I Closed 16 Agency Clients (Worth $17,000 Per Month) In 30 Days… WITHOUT Taking A Single Sales Call.”

>> You can join us now and watch the recording here.

Remember, this webinar is for you ONLY if:

You’re frustrated with wasting hours on social media, cold emailing, cold DM’ing, cold calling, and begging for referrals to try and get people to work with you…

You’re tired of dealing with prospects who go cold on you once you tell them your prices…

You’ve had it “up to here” with seeing other (less talented & honest) people zoom past you and live the life you know you can too…

Assuming you silently nodded your head “yes” to one or more of those things, go here to join in on the webinar with us now.

I know you’re ready to step into your greatness and rise above the circumstances plaguing your business right now. (Otherwise you wouldn’t have opted in the first place, right?)

So let’s put you on the fast-track to get 10-20 paying clients in the next 30 days, shall we?

Dedicated to your success,

Michael Laurens

P.S. don’t forget! You get two special bonuses just for watching the webinar:

Send me a screenshot of the notes you take throughout, and I’ll personally send you my plug-&-play Agency Website for maximum credibility

Stick around the entire time and you’re going to get my entire automated client-getting funnel FREE

You won’t wanna miss this!

Michael Laurens, Jacob van Campenplein 258, 3067 TN Rotterdam, Netherlands

When I click on any of the links in the email, I’m taken to this page:

Michael Laurens Seven Figure Agency Video

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool-looking page. There are no distractions, which I love. But the blinking red warning at the top is complete bullsh*t. It’s not a webinar, it’s a video recording. So nothing “ends” when you close the window. In fact, I could revisit the page whenever I want and rewatch the video.

As far as the content goes, meh. Michael Laruens takes shots at big name gurus like Tai Lopez, promises he’s different, then proceeds to use all the same marketing tactics: the sob story (“I was a broke college kid delivering pizzas, down to my last $6, then this happened…”); I’m so great, I was featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, and BuzzFeed. Yet, when you look up those articles, they’re not like “real” articles. They reek of self-promotion. For example, check out the disclaimer on this Thrive Global one:

Michael Laurens Thrive Global Forbes Entrepreneur BuzzFeed

Basically, any idiot (even me!) could submit an article and get it published on that site. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Where the deception comes in is when you tell the story, “I was crushing it so hard Forbes wanted to write about me.” Um, no. No, they did not. You finagled or paid your way onto those sites, but want everyone watching your pitch video to believe otherwise.

Another thing I wanna bring to your attention is how new this whole 7-Figure Agency Sales Systems thingamajig is:

7 Figure Agency 2.0

Look, ya gotta start somewhere. It’s not a knock that this offer is new (or not selling well). However, you, as a potential buyer, might like to see a little more activity than three Likes and one comment in the support group. Yes, I see that that testimony was only an hour old, but still. Any established group with a decent amount of members would have exponentially more feedback than that, even in the first hour.

Our group, with over 6,000 students, for example, will often have hundreds of interactions in the first hour. And if you lean on that community for encouragement and support, well, you tell me… which scenario would you prefer? And which program would you feel more confident investing in: the one with a handful of sales in total, or the one with over 6,000?

Finally, and perhaps most important, is the objection I have on Michael Lauren’s done-for-you appointment setting and closing. Like, okay, I’m trying my best not to be cynical here, but if his team is so good at filling up a calendar and closing juicy retainers for businesses who want digital marketing, why, on earth, wouldn’t they just keep all the new clients for themselves? Why hand all that hard-earned profit over to you and I?

With a course or coaching program, I get it. You’re selling the steps and systems and software; so the tradeoff makes sense—you pay for the knowledge, tools, and support, but you gotta go do the work and land the deals yourself. And if you do, of course you pocket all the money. You earned it. But if I do the hardest part for you, why would I be okay with a tiny commission… meanwhile, I’m handing you the lion’s share on a pretty pink platter?! (No thankies!)

Look, I’m not sayin’ Michael Laurens and his 7 Figure Agency Sales System is a scam. Just that, there were some slightly questionable sales tactics used and that I have my concerns as to how it would all play out if you were to join. It’s your call though. Either way, since you made it this far, why not click below and learn more about our system?

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