The Profit League Review

Jeff Jess The Profit League

From the MacBook Pro of Cory Johnson, internet millionaire.

Written on November 7th, 2018.

Regarding: The Profit League by Jeff and Jessica Samis.

Dear Millyuns Reader,

The number one question I get asked is:

“How’d you become a millionaire?”

My response?


Which triggers a follow-up question:

“Can you teach me?”

To which I reply:

“I’d rather lick the urinal at Chipotle.”

No offense.

Just don’t have the patience for it.

Next comes:

“Okay, so is there something you can recommend?”



“Not really.”

“Read every article on this website, work hard, and good luck.”

That’s about the best I could do.

Until now.


Cuz I finally found something legit.

It’s called:

The Profit League.

Or, TPL for short:

TPL Hollywood

And, as I said, the founders are a young married couple from Canada – who go by Jeff and Jessica Samis:

Jeff Jessica Canada

(Cue Game of Thrones joke, LOL.)

Apparently they were over the cold, and just recently moved to Las Vegas:

Jeff Samis Las Vegas

Along with their dog, Meeko:

Jessica Meeko



What is The Profit League?

Basically, an online school for advertising.

Which is the single most valuable skill there is.


Profit’s never going outta style.

So let’s dig in.

We’ll start with an overview video from Jeff.


Shut off all distractions.

Watch every minute of this.

And jot down some notes.


Here’s Jeff:


What’d you think?

Pretty cool, huh?

Some takeaways:

1) It’s fun.

2) It’s exciting.

3) Feels good to help small businesses.

4) Lifestyle-friendly: work from home or anywhere with internet.

5) They walk the walk: been doing it for years; still do it, today.

6) A single client is worth thousands a month, recurring.

7) You keep all of it – not just a tiny commission.

8) You own and control everything.

9) Nobody can take this away from you.

10) Low competition.

11) Huge potential.

12) Don’t have to be good at sales to succeed.

13) Don’t need to be technical – easy to learn.

14) Doesn’t take a ton of time – can start out as a “side hustle.”

15) Scalable: make ad, let run, collect rent… rinse, repeat.

16) Evergreen: you can do this for the rest of your life.

17) Deals are everywhere; some fall right into your lap.

18) Their dog, Meeko, is spoiled AF.

19) Simple ad campaigns (e.g. coupons) generate big results.

20) What company wouldn’t trade one dollar for ten?


But you might still be skeptical.

So let’s hear what current members are sayin’.

Shall we?

The Profit League Reviews

Exciting, huh?

And that’s just a small sample.

Their YouTube channel has hundreds more.


Their private Facebook group gets slammed with success stories all day long.

Safe to say:

The Profit League is the real deal.

And anyone can do it.

In fact:

The Profit League now has thousands of members.

From all over the world.

Male, female.

Young, old.

Single, married.

Dropouts, doctors.

Introverts, extroverts.

Tech savvy, technophobe.

Business newbies, lifelong entrepreneurs.

And everything in between.


Time to address the elephant in the room.

How Much Does The Profit League Cost?

That’s what you’re dying to know, isn’t it?

And I’ve actually seen quite a bit of misinformation about The Profit League price… from several “reviews” out there where the “reviewer” never actually purchased the program.

How ’bout dat?

Truth is:

How much you pay depends on how you join.

Which level.

And whether you pay in full or break it up over several months.

What nobody seems to know is that you can get started for as little as $300.

Then use TPL to go get your first client.

And let them pay the rest.


Either way, it costs less than what you’d make from one typical client.

So the question isn’t so much:

“Can I afford The Profit League?”

It’s more:

“Do I believe I’ll get at least one client from it?”

And I can’t answer that for you.

Only you can.

All I know is, even if you want in, doesn’t mean you’ll get in.

Jeff and Jess… they screen applicants pretty hard.

Can’t say I blame ’em.

So what types of people are they looking for?

Well, positive people.

Growth mindset.

People who’re honest.






That you?

Then it might be something to consider.

And, if so?

I’ve got some good news.

I teamed up with Jeff and Jess – on one condition.

They had to give Millyuns readers a discount.

Took some convincing, but they agreed.

So here’s the deal:

Mention Millyuns on your call to save 33% on your tuition.

First 50 people only though.

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, I’d hurry up and:

Book a call before it’s too late.