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Leap Vista Masterclass Review (Amazon eCommerce)

Amazon Elite Masterclass

“If you give me 35 seconds, I’m gonna share with you three simple tips on how I sold over $3 million worth of products on Amazon,” says Singapore-based Benjamin Tan—Chief Trainer for LeapVista—in a recent YouTube ad.

“Number one: sell in the USA market, not the Asia marketplace,” he continues. “There are over 300 million people in the U.S., and it’s so much bigger, and they have way more spending power.”

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“Some Asian countries have less buying power or may choose to buy directly from China. The good news is, you don’t have to be in the U.S. to sell to U.S. people. You can start an Amazon business right here in Singapore or from anywhere in the world.

“Tip number two: find products that are high in demand and sell them. Many times, beginners start selling products they think will sell—without first studying the demand and supply for the product.”

“There are websites and softwares that will show you whether there is a demand for a product and how many people are selling it. Now, if the product has a higher demand than the number of people selling it, that’s a potential winning product.”

“Tip number three: differentiate the products from your competitors. You don’t have to invent a new product or come up with a new idea; you can just do simple tweaks to improve upon a product.”

“The biggest mistake that I see people making is that they sell products that are exactly the same as their competitors. If you do that, you can only compete on price and reviews.”

“You just need to find that one product and everything else will be taken care of by Amazon. They handle the storage, the shipping, the payment, and even the fulfillment directly for you.”

“Hi, my name is Benjamin Tan. Over the past couple of years, I’ve coached hundreds of ordinary people to start a business by selling on Amazon. And I wanna invite you to a free online masterclass where I’ll be showing you how to start an Amazon business without building a website, fulfilling the products or handling customer service.”

“And the secret that separates successful Amazon sellers from those that fail is that they have a proven framework. And over the years I’ve developed my five-step SCALE framework that has helped many of my students to get results, even though they have no experience.”

The ad ends with Benjamin warning of an upcoming financial crisis. He positions ecommerce as a a bulletproof business that’ll not only survive, but thrive during this downturn.

“People have no choice but to order stuff online when they’re stuck at home. And now is simply the best time to ride on this wave of growth,” he explains.

And no, the LeapVista team isn’t worried about slitting their own wrists by sharing their secrets with you; eCom’s a $3 trillion dollar industry with billions of buyers and so, there’s plenty of room for all of us.

Benjamin warns spots are limited, so you better hurry. And with that, you’re asked to click the button and register for the free masterclass.

LeapVista reviews: what are their students saying?

About Leap Vista

Lead Vista COO Evan Tan who cofounded the Mega 9-Figure E-Commerce Empire

“This is a great team: well organized, structured, answered all questions in speedy manner,” wrote someone on Facebook.

“The workshop is amazing. Highly recommend. Money well invested… no regrets. Guys, for everyone, who think about, no doubts you will love [it], and the knowledge Ben shares is unbelievable!” they concluded.

Another person invested in their eCom Domination course and had this to say: “Had a one-on-one consultation with Kennedy earlier today; it’s been a great session and I’m grateful to have such an awesome and resourceful mentor to help me brush up my store, set up wiio, check FB pixel, and [then] most importantly, had a review on the product research and teach me how to polish the copywriting.”

“Operating an online store is a daunting task. You need someone who’s patient and helpful to walk you through. I’m glad to make a smart move of joining the program. Anticipating for more to come!” they added.

“Good learning experience, but was told during the two hour experience that we don’t need to have knowledge in digital marketing,” someone pointed out.

“After [going] through the class, [however], I realized we need to have certain knowledge. If not, after the three days, most of us still won’t [know] how to do lead generation,” they wrote.

After reading through dozens of other reviews, I definitely get a good vibe from these guys. For me, there were no real red flags that stood out. Only thing I’d say is, before you go all in on Amazon FBA, compare it to what we do.

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