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Ron LeGrand Net Worth And Reviews

Ron LeGrand Bio

“Back in 1982 I had a choice to make,” your grandpa, Ron LeGrand, said in a YouTube ad I just saw.

“I had a choice of whether I would watch Dallas on TV, because [actor] J. R. Ewing was my hero—he gave me hope ’cause I was broke, clueless, 35 years old, lost, and sick and tired of working in the service station and couldn’t even buy groceries once a week; had to buy ’em twice a week because we didn’t have enough money.”

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Then he tells a sweet story about how the final straw was when his wife, Beverly, needed a new washing machine and Ron obviously couldn’t afford it; he woke up the next morning and said, “Enough’s enough!” and began looking for a way out of the rat race.

Not long after, he saw an ad for a seminar that said “come do real estate with no credit and no capital.” Ron skipped his favorite TV show the night of the seminar and instead went and learned about real estate investing. It would change his life forever.

Fast forward 37 years: he’s now bought over 3,000 houses in his career, and is still actively investing today. And, of course, he’s mentored thousands of others on how to do the same—with no risk, no credit, little-to-no capital, and without guaranteeing debt.

Ron’s proud of the fact that he and his mentees buy beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods, as opposed to the trash-filled possum nests you deal with in the “we buy ugly houses” space.

Because of this, he says, they avoid the grief and costly entanglements that people typically associate with buying properties; and go on to generate more money, build more wealth, and enjoy sustainable real estate businesses.

His YouTube ad comes to a close and he asks you to register for a free training which I’m sure leads to a pitch for one of his courses or coaching programs.

What do Ron LeGrand’s students say?

Ron LeGrand Complaints

Reviews are mixed. “I personally like Ron legrand,” wrote one Reddit user. “I went to his quick start school (for free as a guest of a friend) and I ran with it. I made $4k on one deal three months later. I never looked back.”

Another Reddit user said they found Ron’s stuff “very informative for someone who was just starting out without a background in real estate.” They added that, while much of his training was oversimplified, his principles were solid.

“People need to realize that real estate is hard work and no guru has a shortcut because there isn’t one. Is his stuff worth the price of admission? Probably not, but I made more money in real estate than I did with my MS [Masters of Science] degree and his system is a lot cheaper than six years of college. Suit yourself,” they wrote.

But not everyone was so kind. “Ron LeGrand should be hauled off to debtor’s prison!” one person ranted. “His techniques pray on desperate people who have to believe what he says in order to keep going mentally after they give their last dollars to his hungry fraud machine.”

“This guy has left a trail of tears from Alaska to Florida and back again. Someone needs to stop this man before anymore lives are ruined. Check and see how many times his ventures have filed for bankruptcy!” they added.

Either way, the man’s made some serious money, both by doing and teaching. According to Astro Flipping, he could be worth as much as $300 to $500 million dollars. Damn. I guess it was probably worth missing one episode of that old-ass TV show, huh?

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