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Sunny Lenarduzzi Authority Accelerator Review

Sunny Lenarduzzi Ad

Sunny Lenarduzzi says I can excel in my niche market in just three steps. I’ll drop my Authority Accelerator review below, but first, if passive income’s what you’re after? See this case study before you go any further:

After clicking Sunny’s ad, I’m taken to her squeeze page. There, I’m asked to register for a free case study that’ll show me how to build an “evergreen sales machine” powered by free traffic from YouTube. I’ll go ahead and opt-in and see what’s up.

Sunny Lenarduzzi Evergreen Sales Machine YouTube

After entering my email, Sunny sent the following message to my inbox:


[VIDEO] 3 step system for creating your EVERGREEN SALES MACHINE




Thanks so much for checking out my training video on creating your evergreen sales machine using YouTube!

This video is perfect for you if you’re looking to generate new leads, clients, and sales every single day on auto-pilot!

Here’s what to do next:

FIRST:  Click Here to watch this training video now (if you haven’t already…)

SECOND: Apply to see if you qualify for your own custom marketing strategy session.

>>  Click Here To See If You Qualify For Your Free Strategy Session  <<

If you’re approved, we will personally get on the phone with you to determine how you can:

✔️ Use a simple technique to create A PREDICTABLE STREAM OF REVENUE with an evergreen sales system.

✔️ Build your authority, audience, income, and IMPACT on auto-pilot.

✔️ Avoid the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make with their YouTube videos (it’s awful for your channel, but SO EASY to fix).

✔️ Learn the KEY to consistent sales for YOUR niche.

We’ll also discuss whether or not we can work together to tap into this new traffic and lead source to make this your best year ever!

If you feel you’re ready to STEP UP and move forward fast with your business, then apply to see if you qualify for your strategy session now!

Let’s see how we can help you EXPLODE your business using YouTube by clicking below now…

>> Click here to apply for your Strategy Session now <<

Talk to you soon,


Sunny Lenarduzzi
PO Box 17503, The Ritz Po
Vancouver, BC V6E0B2, Canada

When I clicked to watch the training video, I ended up here:

Sunny Case Study Video

Hey, so far so good. I got exactly what I was promised. Now let’s see if her content’s any good or if it’s one big pitch-fest.

One of the first things she does in the presentation is provides data to show that online businesses like Amazon FBA, dropshipping and building an agency are all dying models. So what’s the answer? Courses. And you can make one on just about anything, Sunny says, before giving the overview of her flywheel system:

Boss Flywheel Slide

Basically: create course, rank YouTube video to drive traffic to your sales page, start getting sales, let your course do its thing, ask ’em to refer friends.

Then, after a decent overview of each phase, Sunny goes into her pitch for the Authority Accelerator. It’s her signature program and has three main components: (1) an intensive online curriculum that lasts 10-weeks; (2) live consulting Q&A calls with Sunny Lenarduzzi herself; (3) an exclusive community of supportive entrepreneurs.

The goal of Authority Accelerator is to help you scale your audience, authority, impact, and income by leveraging Sunny’s best-in-class strategy. And again, everything kicks off with free traffic from YouTube, which is a nice change from “just run Facebook ads, brah!”

If you join The Authority Accelerator, you’ll have lifetime access to the course, weekly calls and support.

If interested, you have to take a short survey to see if you qualify for a call, where they’ll try to sell you into the program. No word on how much Authority Accelerator costs, but I’d guess at least $5k to $10k.

I think it all seems pretty legit and I appreciated Sunny actually giving some value in her video and remaining fairly humble, unlike Danielle Leslie (who sells a similar product called Course Alchemy) who I kinda went off on earlier. She also seemed to have plenty of positive reviews from current members.

But think it through. Do you really want to create a course? Is there something you’re truly an expert at, that people are dying to buy a multi-thousand-dollar video course on?

Are you comfortable being the name and face of the brand? And having bloggers like me say whatever they want about you? (And most aren’t near as nice as me! Some will call you a scam artist just for selling a course in the first place. If you get big enough, some sociopath will dedicate an entire YouTube channel to talk trash about your every move. Better have thick skin!)

Also, do you wanna be handcuffed to a Facebook support group, where you’ll be peppered with questions 24/7? Not to mention, show up to marathon Q&A calls twice a week for the next decade? What if nobody gets results? (That’s on you. It’s a lot of pressure.)

And do you have a payment processor to accept payments? How ’bout a lawyer who can draft terms, conditions, a privacy policy, and state how you’ll handle refunds, etc.?

Are you really gonna create YouTube videos and get them ranked? Is that even doable in cutthroat markets? Get ready for anonymous trolls to make you feel like total sh*t in the comments section, ’cause they will.

Oh, and you’ll need to hire, train, manage and pay support staff and salespeople. That’s no fun.

Lastly, are you really gonna be comfortable running your own mini-MLM? I mean, referrals that come naturally are great, but if the system is built on forcing your customers to become your ambassadors? I mean… I dunno about that. Feels kinda yucky to me.

Tell you what: if these or any other concerns have you on the fence about applying for The Authority Accelerator, do me a favor and compare it to what we do. Just click the following link, and I’ll break it all down for ya.

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