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Vodyssey Reviews, Cost, Concerns (Shawn Moore)

LifestyleAssetUniversity.com Facebook Ad

Shawn Moore built a meaningful lifestyle by investing in vacation homes, but without the downsides of traditional real estate investing. This, according to his latest Facebook advertisement.

Before I drop my Vodyssey review (formerly known as Lifestyle Asset University), you might consider watching this case study. You’ll learn about our online rental property process, which you might like even better than what Shawn teaches.

After I clicked Shawn’s ad, I was taken to his landing page. There, I’m asked to register for a free on demand video that’ll teach me “the new rules for purchasing, managing and marketing a profitable vacation rental portfolio in this new economy.” He promises the video is all content and that there’s nothing for sale. We’ll see about that.

Vacation Home Investments Shawn Moore

I clicked the button, entered my name and email, and was redirected to a hidden page with the training video. I also got the following autoresponder from Shawn.


[Your Free Video] How To Locate & Purchase Profitable Vacation Homes, Without The Pitfalls Of Traditional Real Estate Investing





Here’s your free video:

How To Locate & Purchase Profitable Vacation Homes, Without The Pitfalls Of Traditional Real Estate Investing

If you’re one of these 3 people, I’ve got something else for you too:

– You don’t own any Vacation Rentals yet, but you’d like to see exactly why this model is so much better than any other, and learn how to locate & acquire profitable Lifestyle Assets and build your financial plan from there.

– You currently own Vacation Rentals, and want to know how our students maximize their Lifestyle Assets, increase bookings, increase prices, and more.  Without booking on AirBnB, VRBO, etc.

– You currently own Vacation Rentals, and you’re not in a position to keep them and are looking for a buyer. (We buy vacation homes with CASH – book a call to discuss).

If that’s you, then once you’ve watched the video, you can:

Go here to book a FREE call with me to look at how this could work for you.

These calls are with me personally – not my team – so be sure to book if you’d like to see how quickly you could be finding & acquiring profitable Lifestyle Assets.



262 N University Ave
Farmington, UT 84025

For as much as Shawn swore, up and down, that there was nothing for sale, I mean, clearly there was. Hence the push to book a call with him in the email. Which is also what he asks you to do, in step two, after you watch his video.

Lifestyle Asset University Webinar Replay

Anyways, let’s see if his training lives up to the hype. As it gets underway, Shawn peppers us with quotes and clichés and “feel good” music in the background, which is too loud and distracts from what he’s saying.

He then gets into his story. Shawn started off wholesaling, fix-n-flipping, doing land deals, etc., but realized none of it was creating passive income streams or long-term wealth. Whereas, what he focuses on now—what he calls “lifestyle assets”—checks all the boxes.

Lifestyle Assets Shawn

I gotta say, I’m 37-minutes in at this point. Shawn seems like a good guy. Loves his family. Despite that one little hiccup about there being “nothing for sale,” he comes across as honest. No slimy guru vibe.

But. This presentation is painful. He’s still selling me on the concept. His slides are loaded with never-ending paragraphs of text that he’s just reading to us. The piano music is nauseating. And it all sounds super complicated.

LAU Steps Involved

Ugh. So much to learn. So much could go wrong. And is it just me or would you need to start with a ton of money (or access to money) to stand a chance with this?

I mean, just the marketing alone—with software, tools, and ad spend that’s getting more expensive by the day—you’re looking at thousands of dollars.

And then, oh yeah, you still have to put money down and make mortgage payments on any vacation homes you buy. At least, until you start renting ’em out. (But what happens if nobody books?) Finally, after all that, some management company will bleed you dry.

Wow. I need a nap just thinking about it. For me, it doesn’t matter what Vodyssey costs. It’s a hard-no. I respect Shawn, but don’t vibe with him at all. And the biz model? Compared to what I do? Yeah, no. Awful.

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