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Ligon Brothers Reviews (*I Can’t With These Two)

Ligon Brothers Review

LigonBrothers will help you launch and scale a 7-figure real estate investing business. They’ll even guarantee you do your first deal and profit at least $2k to $5k in the first two weeks. Before I review (and by review, I mean make fun of) their marketing, check out what we’re doing with virtual real estate:

Who are the Ligon Brothers? Think Property Brothers, just not as identical. Mike and David Ligon brand themselves “the number one coaches for real estate investing and wealth creation through real estate practices.” Who gave them that title? Their mom?

Ligon Brothers Bandit SignsAfter scrolling through their Instagram and poking around their site, two words come to mind: corny and shameless.

I present to you Exhibit A:

Ligon Brothers Instagram

(*I just died of secondhand embarrassment.)

Luckily, I was reborn to bring you Exhibit B:

Ligon Brothers Forbes Article

They paid for an article on Forbes-f*cking-India? They must think we have jello shots for brains.

Moving on. Exhibit C:

Real Estate Mentors Funny

Again, says who? Doesn’t matter. Welcome to the internet.

One more. Exhibit D:

Ligon Brothers Kevin O Leary

Oh look, their friend and colleague Kevin O’Leary vouches for ’em. They must be legit. Because all trustworthy people buy $1,200 shoutouts on Cameo and then act like that’s not how the awkward endorsement went down. (Then you got Mr. 10X and Jon Taffer, from Bar Rescue, below it, on their website. Cringe.)

As for their offer? Well, if you click on their ad and watch the pitch video, it’s 16-minutes of get rich quick-ery.

LigonBrothers.com Mentoring

If the voice over talent reading the slides is to be believed, the Ligon Brothers will take you to $300,000 to $400,000 in annual income, fast and easy. And then, from there, they’ll help you scale to seven figures.

Remember, they’ve been featured in Forbes and purchased testimonials from other greasy gurus. Their word means something. Er, wait.

Ligon Bros Cringe

Never mind. In my opinion, these guys are nothing but platitudes and smoke and mirrors. I’d want no part of their “Real Estate Connector Method” that likely costs upwards of $10,000.

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