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Linguamarina Net Worth, Income Streams

Marina Dmitrievna Mogilko YouTuber

Marina Mogilko, better known online as @Linguamarina, now has three YouTube channels totaling over four million subscribers. She uploaded her first video back in 2014, documenting her move from Russia to the U.S. She later added lifestyle vlogs and investing tips. Today that channel (Marina Mogilko) has 1.28 million subscribers.

Next came Linguamarina, her most popular channel, where she teaches people languages. It’s got 3.06 million subscribers at the time of writing this.

Last but not least, Marina launched her channel, Silicon Valley Girl, to talk business and life in Silicon Valley. So far, that channel has 404K subscribers.

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“I just experimented and tried things,” Linguamarina said about her success on YouTube. “And I think, whenever you do Top 10 (Whatever), the algorithm just loves those videos.”

She monetizes her massive following through ad revenue, as well as courses, covering topics like: how to start on YouTube; how to grow on YouTube; and how to speak the English language.

She’s also got a VC-backed company called LinguaTrip—a study abroad booking platform for language travel, which also offers online classes to learn different languages.

Linguamarina has always been entrepreneurial. At age 12, she became an Avon rep, selling the MLM giant’s beauty products to her school teachers. She built that up to about $1,000 per month in income, but spent most of it like any kid would do.

Years later, with only $300 to her name as a college student, she and her then-boyfriend (now husband), Dmitry, started LinguaTrip. Their first clients were close friends, who they’d send abroad to explore and learn other languages.

After investors breathed new life into the company, Linguamarina saw YouTube as a way to attract more customers, which it did. But once she started vlogging in English, she saw her AdSense earnings spike, and that’s when she knew YouTube, even by itself, could be big business. She was right.


Exposing Linguamarina’s personal finances

In her interview with notorious YouTube penny pincher Graham Stephan, and his sidekick Jack—embedded below—Linguamarina pulled back the curtain on her income streams.

She said ad revenue from all three YouTube channels makes her about $17,000 per month. She’s got a physical workbook she sells for seven bucks that makes her about $10,000 per month. Paid partnerships (Audible, Skillshare, etc.) do about $30,000 per month. Course sales—also $30k. Then her LinguaTrip salary, which she can’t disclose.

So that’s, what, probably a little over $100 grand a month by the time you add in her LinguaTrip check? Not too shabby. Then, on average, Linguamarina estimates she spends around 25% of her income each month. Sometimes more, like when she travels first class and stays at five-star hotels. Or buys a new whip. (She and her husband have their order in for the Tesla Cybertruck.) Obviously, Uncle Sam takes his cut. Then you got investments. Stocks, index funds, REITs.

When you do the math and factor-in the number of years Linguamarina’s been at it, we’re pretty sure her net worth is in the neighborhood of $2.5 million dollars. For more on Linguamarina’s money sitch and lifestyle, check out her appearance on the Iced Coffee Hour podcast:

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